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Bush’s successive summits

Sayyed Fadlullah: America is about to draw a Road Map for the Whole world, but the Nations of the world are able to thwart its plan politically, in spite of its military victories.

Asked in his weekly seminar about how the world and the region look like in the light of the successive summits in both the region and the world

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Those who feel that these summits are similar to the ones that were held in the aftermath of the Second World war are not mistaken, regardless of what those who are participating in them -including the Europeans-might think.

The Unites States has legalized for itself the right to punish regimes and nations in accordance with the rules that it set to promote its interests, which leads to the confiscating of the Unites Nations and the freedom of the nations in determining their destinies, at a time the American president is presenting himself as a ascetic whose only concern is promoting democracy in the whole world.

The Americans have rushed to benefit from what had taken place in Iraq in the rest of the world, holding summits in Europe or in the Middle East which gave the American Administration another opportunity to dictate its conditions, or draw the limits they should not overstep, claiming that the world after the war on Iraq is different than before it, and that the victorious party should impose its logic and its conditions on the rest of the world.

The US Administration is about to draw the outline of a new world order that determines the ceiling of the UN and Europe's roles. It is actually drawing a world roadmap at a time it seeks to make the regional one enter a maze of endless and fruitless negotiations.

At the same time, it seeks to obtain an Arabian cover for its occupation of Iraq and paves the way for circumventing the Palestinian popular movement that is still causing hardships for Israel despite all on the going developments in the region.

We believe that the US is still fumbling in its movement in the region. It has so far failed to turn its military victory in Iraq into a political one despite all the threats it distributes among the peoples of the region.

That is why we ask our peoples not to live the spirit of defeat and surrender. The American hegemony is not an inevitable destiny.

Our peoples should know that the ones who were defeated are the regimes which America itself has installed and not the nation which has to build the will of change which starts from the inside to be able to create facts the ground outside.