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Calling for a broad popular movement to pressurize the narrow political circles

H.E. Sayyed Fudlullah: The Israeli threats to Lebanon are trying to draw a ceiling for the confrontation.

Asked in his weekly seminar in the Al-Zahra Hall of the Imamian Hassanian Mosque, about the state if the Palestinian Intifada and its prospects in the light of the recent security agreement with the enemy, The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

There is no doubt that the Israeli threats to Syria and Lebanon, especially the recent ones, are fostered by the climate of the American continuing threats to the Arab and Islamic region that acts as a continuous state of pressure whether on those the Americans describe as their friends to ensure that they follow the American pace in an precise manner, or on those who still show some kind of opposition or rejection to ensure that they do not act in a way that undermines the execution of the plan drawn for the region, or cross any red or yellow lines the Americans have drawn.

If the Americans believe that they have almost gained full control on the region by the series of threats and pressures on its governments, many of which do not need more than vague hints to take a position that is against the causes of its peoples, the Zionists in their turn are trying to suggest the they are about to impose a new stage.

This new stage is characterized by the admittance of the Palestinians that they have been defeated, especially after the enemy has resorted to new forms of atrocity not least of which is the killing of entire families.

In this respect, we believe that the recent threats to Syria and Lebanon lie in the same context, although the Zionists fear that there is a plan to open a new front north of Palestine, which would lessen the pressure on the Palestinians. The previous Israeli and American threats aimed at neutralizing the Lebanese front, so that they could concentrate their efforts on cracking down the blessed Intifada of the Palestinian people.

Therefore, we believe that the latest threats aim at drawing a line the confrontation does not go beyond and turn into opening a second front.

For the American threats and pressures, including the talk about the coming American offensive on the Arabs and Muslims, aim at preventing the Arabs and Muslims from giving the Palestinians any practical support at a time they are being subjected to a savage irradiation campaign.

A broad popular movement is urgently needed to pressurize the narrow political circles, to bring back life to the Arab and Islamic body, so that we would stop being the nation that is always under threat and that has to choose between the American and the Israeli cancers, or the one that always has to adapt to the new threats.

The Arab and Islamic street should voice its demands first, if we want our position to be heard in the region and in the world.