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Powell’s Visit to the Region Aims at Accomplishing the political Goals of Sharon’s Military Invasion

All  liberation and resistance parties should set out a joint plan to thwart the American- Israeli scheme

Asked in his weekly seminar about the latest American diplomatic movement in the region, and the messages it carried to Lebanon and Syria, the Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

 It was clear from the beginning that Secretary Powell’s visit to the region aimed at safeguarding the American interests, for the Americans felt that the popular demonstrations may escalate to challenge the Arab regimes that had decided to leave the Palestinians on their own. Thus, the Americans devised a political play to thwart these rising threats in which the American president himself took part when he demanded the Israeli withdrawal in the beginning.  But he then left his aids to announce that the withdrawal “needs more than 11 days for the conflict is old and complicated, and the withdrawal should be carried out in an organized way” as his National Security Advisor stated.

The American Administration has concluded a full partnership with Sharon that gave him the necessary support  to finish his military invasion. That is why it left ample time to the Israeli army to commit its cold-blooded massacres in Jenin and Nablis (Palestinian cities and camps). And that is why the enemy’s government said that Powell is not negotiating with Arafat but he is trying him. Thus, Powell came to Ramallah (Palestinian city) to pressurize Arafat and demand that the latter accepts the American -Israeli conditions which lead to a truce in the form of a ceasefire.  According to the terms of this truce, the Palestinians should stop talking about a political solution, and accept a security solution that relieves the Israelis of any security problem without giving them anything.

We believe that what happened in the last two weeks was an execution of a previously coordinated plan in which Powell’s visit is a part of. For he came with one goal in mind: to accomplish the political goals of Sharon’s campaign, by pressurizing the Arabs and trying to win the Europeans over to his side. Thus, Sharon was able to declare that Israel is not subjected to any real pressure.

As for Powell’s visit to Lebanon and Syria, it is also a part of the same plan, especially that the US fear from a “second front” is greater than that of Israel, since any expansion of “violence” that reaches the Arab world would not only threaten the American plan, that is preparing for the second phase of the “War against terrorism”, but would also threaten the American interests if only by destabilizing the Arab satellite regimes which are more embarrassed now than ever.

Consequently, I would like to stress the need of devising a counter-plan by all the parties of liberation and resistance, in coordination with the states that confronted the American pressures, especially Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Because the fall of this plan will constitute the beginning of the failure of the second phase of America’s war against Muslims and Arabs, and the actual start of the fall of Sharon’s project… Therefore, the support of the Palestinian people is currently more vital than ever, since the Palestinian steadfastness, resolve and refusal of the American –Israeli conditions lays the foundations for a new phase of Arab and Muslim liberation from the American hegemony on the region and its resources.