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An EU poll finds Israel the major threat for peace in the world

Sayyed Fadlullah: Much work is need to change these emotions into policies

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question:an EU poll showed that 59% of Europeans believe that Israel represents the most dangerous threat to peace in the world…Israeli officials immediately accused the EU states of anti-Semitism.

The Israel minister for the “Diaspora” affairs said: that EU should stop this “adamant brainwashing” and demonizing of Israel before “Europe deteriorates once again to dark sections of its past”.
How can we read the indications of this event at a time the Zionist media is waging a campaign to justify the continued aggression against the Palestinians and when there is no Arab and Muslim plan to confront the aggression?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

We have always said that the West is not represented by its governments alone… It is also represented by the political and social groups that have their own independent thinking… We added that we could utilize these scattered candles instead of cursing the darkness, and believe that there is no way to open any hole in the Western wall that stands totally with Israel.

When a European opinion poll shows that the majority of Europeans view Israel as the major threat for peace in the world, it means that the brainwashing the pro-Zionist media has been pursuing failed to deceive the Europeans.

But this does not mean that there is an imminent change in the European policies. Neither the European governments are ready for such a change nor are the European states charity organizations that will spontaneously tend to protect the Palestinians Arabs and Muslims’ causes without figuring out their gains.

But this is something worth following up, because it indicates that these is a certain change in the West in general and in Europe in particular; something that indicates that the sufferings of the Palestinians were not worthless and their resolve and steadfastness have yielded certain results in the outside world and in Israel itself.

Moreover, the use of the anti-Semitism charge as a tool to intimidate all parties has grown-clearer.

For no one can accuse the European people of such a charge. And no one can accuse the European officials of being an accomplice, for they stood firmly against Mahateer Muhammad, when he talked about the Jewish dominance of the world by proxy. Thus, it is natural that the Zionists, are concerned and bewildered, for they understand that Israel might no longer be able to practice its brutal policies in Palestine without changing its world image.

This shoulders a great responsibility on the Arabs and Muslims. They have to devise political and informational policies that accompanies the struggle of the Palestinians with the aim of winning more Westerners and Europeans in order to change this supporting emotion into a political stand, especially that many European states coordinate their policies in the region with the Zionist entity. The image of Israel as a victim has begun to be shaken and we should intensify our efforts to promote this trend.

Arab and Muslim governments, media and research centers should divert their efforts and focus on these developments instead of concentrating on their marginal differences or obeying the American instructions.

One cannot depend on the failures of others to achieve victory. In a world of such complications and intersections, one should draw plans, devise mechanisms and pursue their implementations to avoid any defeat.