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The mounting American pressure on the region

Sayyed Fadlullah: The nation is still alive and well , but it lacks the appropriate dynamisms

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: What is the best way to minimize the losses as the internal and external pressures in the region mount…

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

It is ironic and cynical that as the Arabian order collapses, an order that was not able to protect its peoples or the general Arab and Muslim causes… As this order collapses we find that the Arab regimes agree on one point only: giving the American master all he asks for in return of a promise that these regimes will not be overthrown…

What happened in Iraq should have acted as a shock that ought to have led the regimes to turn to their peoples. Instead, they threw themselves into the American lap, to the extent that some of them have been trying to explore beforehand what the Americans want and act accordingly.

Therefore, the fragmentation and disintegration we are seeing in the Arab and Islamic region is, to a large extent, caused by the attempt of the ruling class to adopt to its new realities, at a time the Zionist enemy and the American arrogance is waiting for a chance, to extend the Iraqi model to the rest of the Arab states under the pretence of looking for a new compromise that includes a democratic rule in the region.

Despite the allegation that they are implementing the Road Map, we are afraid that what is happening in Palestine is a new phase in the American -Israeli game that aims at rescuing the occupier from the security impasse by talking about solutions while giving Israel sufficient time to build the security wall. The plan aims at restoring Israel’s security and revitalizing its economy at the expense of the Palestinian security and economy.

The American Administration which coordinates all these steps with Israel and continues to lie and make fun of the world by talking about preparing for new solutions, is playing the same dubious game in Palestine and Iraq... As it paves the way for new power centers and new facts to emerge and become established, it exerts pressure on several Arab and International states to besiege them and prevent them from taking any action that might deter the occupier in both countries.

Thus, we have to strive, even if at the level of building the foundations, to create a unitary project that is sensitive to the dangers and threats that face the nation and that tries to find the way out of this impasse.

The nation is still alive and well, but it lacks the dynamism that unites the opposition movements here and there in the service of the grand project of the nation and not any private and marginal interests.