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America’s politics of lies to facilitate dominance

Sayyed Fadlullah: When will we have our own internal will of change and reform, to be able to face the American policies of hegemony?

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How do you view the consequences of lying in the fields of war and politics, especially in the light of the recent American dealing with the region? 

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

It may well be that the picture of the Nazi propaganda that calls for lying in the political and informational wars, on the basis of the rule that says: Lie until people believe you and until you believe yourself, this picture has eased the negative impact about the big political lies in the aftermath of world War II , especially the one about occupied Palestine, which was adopted by the successive American Administrations, to suggest to the world that there is an Arab and Islamic Barbarianism that wants to end democracy in the region, represented by Israel and kick the Jews out of their supposed lands.

Nevertheless, the latest political and military events have proved that the US has surpassed, with its ally of international Zionism, all those who preceded it in turning the facts upside down, and making various lies to facilitate any political assassination and overthrow regimes that were plotted by the C.I.A... All this was followed by the lies justifying the conquering of the American Army of the regions’ territories under the pretense of protecting the area from the parties the American themselves supported.

The flood of lies the Bush Administration has leashed in the last few years and even before 9/11 indicates the scope of the imminent catastrophe as a result of paralyzing international law by the false claims of the state that presents itself as a leader of the world. This trend of unprecedented lying has become evident from the scandals the American media itself is focusing nowadays such as the administration’s indifference towards the information that warned from imminent attacks on civilian American targets before 9/11, or the agreement between Bush and Blair to invade Iraq as early as the 9th of September 2001.

These facts, including what the secretary of state, Colin Powell, said a few days ago about providing inaccurate information to the world regarding Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction, as well the media campaign the US waged against Syria and Iran claiming that they have WMDs while totally ignoring the Israeli arsenal, proves that the world has become a tool in the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency which creates lies and then forces the world through the UN to believe them and act accordingly...

It will then wage wars on the basis of these lies claiming a right of preemptive war, with the aim of subduing the world, and forcing it to accept that what had happened had happened and that the nations of the earth have to accept the new facts.

In such circumstances, who would protect the world? And who would dare to adopt honesty as a means of conducting international relations, especially that the power that claims to be the leader of the contemporary world insist on dominating the world in the name of democracy and freedom. It is also helping and supporting dictatorships and providing them with political vitamins, especially in our Islamic and Arab region, to ensure that its interests are promoted.

We believe that the entire world is threatened and that humanity as a whole will pay the price of this politics of lying and hypocrisy conducted by the CIA, with the help of several others intelligence agencies like the MOSAD.

Issues of war and peace are now determined by American internal political complications, even if the world is on the verge of a third world war, as a result of these smaller wars that move from one place to another, and that are not constrained by any ethical or even political laws. In this respect, the last American achievements in Iraq was using live bullets to break up civilian demonstrations, or carrying air raids against civilian party offices in Baghdad, just as Israel does in Rafah, Nablus and other Palestinian cities.

The least that could be expected is the emergence of popular forces in both the East and the West which would restore morals as a means of conducting politics and which curb this beastly trend towards dominance. This certainly will not be a task for the regimes to fulfill, but rather by the youthful vanguard that is powered by the will to change. To this effect, there are certain groups in the West that could be depended on, but the question is: When will we begin our journey towards internal change so that we will follow up those who are pursuing it in the world outside?