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The American Secretary of State’s latest visit to Lebanon and Syria

Sayyed Fadlullah: America is executing the Zionist agenda in the region and a policy of hegemony in the entire world.
The nations of the world cannot but voice their opposition.

 Asked in his weekly seminar about The American Secretary of State’s latest visit to Lebanon and Syria that carried a series of threats and demands in the aftermath of the war on Iraq the Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M.H. Fadlullah said :  

The least that could be said about this visit with its demands, threats, announced and secret conditions is that it is an Israeli mission in the first place. America wants Israel to benefit from the results of war by providing for the coming Israeli generations, political economic and security protection.

It also wants to inflate the Israeli security to the extent that it becomes a Arabs and Islamic obsession, in such a way that each and every Arab and Islamic country will treat it as one of its top priorities whether in its internal or foreign policies.

 In this respect, the statement of the American National Security Advisor that coincided with Powell's visit about the security of Israel being "the key to the world's security” represents the other side of the picture American diplomacy is trying to present to the Arabs. They have to understand that as a consequence of the war on Iraq . They, i.e. the Arabs, have to forego every element of strength they have even if it were an illusion of the Israeli calculations. At the same time, America is threatening the Islamic states, whether those that have nuclear weapons, such as Pakistan, or the ones which have conventional weapons, so that they could no longer present any support, even at the symbolic level, to the Palestinian cause, which is still the major cause of Arabs and Muslims.

In the light of this, we believe that the American offensive although dressed on a diplomatic outfit, is trying to pave the way for Sharon to change the "Road Map" in a way that makes the Palestinian state even more meaningless with the Arabs and Palestinian unable to protest since they have no means of resistance.  It is the American -Israeli age where the regimes and even the masses cannot say “no”.

America wants to burn the entire world especially the Arab and Muslim world, to ensure that George Bush will be reelected. It wants to inform all parties that the key to winning the second term is Israel 's security, its economic prosperity and political stability.

Towards this end it is initiating a new stage of chaos in the region and in the world. To do so, it is practicing state terrorism which will in its turn lead to individuals’ terror.  For terror will only produce terror and oppression produces violence. The nations of the world cannot but voice their opposition, just like what the Palestinians are doing through their continued armed resistance these days.