Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of 26Jomada al-oula 1423Hij 6-8-2002 A.D.

Blaming the American Administration for the current trend of events in Palestine, Sayyed Fadlullah warns that the fire in Palestine might extend to other areas in the region.

Asked in his weekly seminar, about the situation in Palestine in the light of the recent developments, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said: Those recent developments have manifested how big the Israeli impasse has turned out to be. It has reached a level that all the enemy’s violent terror has become ineffective. The enemy has used all his brutal and barbaric methods of killing youth, children, woman and the elderly, but he could not stop the martyr operations. It is impossible to pressurize the Palestinians to stop them for they have no other weapon to break the escalating Israeli terror ring.

Thus the enemy has entered into a vicious circle; each time he kills more Palestinians he is faced with additional martyr operations that the enemy has not been able to stop although it had resorted to all the security and military means it possesses.

This made the enemy send its ministers to European and Arab countries in an effort to suggest that it is moving on the political front despite the fact that this move coincided with the widest terror campaign against the Palestinian civilians so far.

The recent developments have proved that the enemy failed in breaking the will and the resolve of the Palestinian people… even the direct occupation of the Palestinian cities was not able to provide security for the Israelis. And now they have to answer the inevitable question: “Where to?” They seem to have failed in finding an answer, for the war that was supposed to break the Palestinian will has turned into a nightmare that killed the Zionist dream of peace and security at the expense of the Palestinians.

The United States that gave Israel a green light bears all the responsibility for all what has happened in Palestine, and for the current level the events have reached. The US is the party that encouraged such a level of Zionist terrorism, which made the Palestinians feel that they ought to retaliate.

It has also generated a growing Palestinian conviction that the only way to break the Israeli terror is by additional operations which would undermine the enemy’s security and deepens its impasse.

The Palestinians have begun to feel that the whole world has turned into a beast that wants to raven their cause and existence. Thus they decided to confront the Israeli terror with their will that has no weapons other their scattered bodies. It is now up to the world to pressurize the enemy to stop these massacres and atrocities against the Palestinians, otherwise the fire that is burning Palestine will extend to other areas in the region, with several regional and international axes paying the price.