Stands >2003 Stands >The Stand of Zoul-Qida 4, 1423, January 7, 2003 A.D.


The world is facing two major threats; the American occupation of the world’s resources and the American threat to the world’s security

Asked in his weekly seminar about the best way to confront the expected American invasion to Iraq and the region, the Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M.H. Fadlallah said:

1-It has became well-known that removing mass destruction weapons is only one of the two pretenses America uses to justify its invasion; the other would be the war on terrorism… Since Iraq would not have owned such weapons had the American Administration not accepted whether implicitly or explicitly…

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait has provided the US with the opportunity to be directly present in the region, thus initiating a new stage on the road of fully dominating the region and its resources.

2-Thus, the American military deployment in the region is but a step in the American plan to control its oil resources.

We believe that America will not withdraw its troops, after the war, not will it reduce them in case the war does not take place. The American occupation has already happened and it will not be temporary as some might think…

3- If the aim is to remove the mass destruction weapons that threaten the region, why do not they eliminate the Israeli nuclear weapons that threaten the entire world? Why do they insist on Israeli military supremacy if they are serious about resuming the peace process in the Middle East ?

Why is America ready to provoke the region's peoples by the joint rocket experiments it recently carried out with Israel ?

4-We also ask the American Administration: What is the real guarantee the nations of the world have against American mass destruction weapons that are used as a constant threat and deterrent against anybody who dares to oppose its polices?

5-We feel that humanity faces now two major threats: the first is America 's direct occupation of the natural resources of the world, and the second is its mass destruction weapons that are used as a stick to terrorize the whole world. The issue is no longer limited to the threats America poses to the region and its peoples; it has reached the entire world, and began to threaten the future of humanity. If Europe is skeptical and cautious towards America 's intentions in the region, it has to prepare itself, for the American threat will soon knock on its doors.