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New Attempts to make us re-enter the age of defeat.

 Fadlullah: The Zionist –American brutal campaign hardened the Palestinian position and did not destroy its will or its pride

 Asked in his weekly seminar about the latest developments in the region and their impact on Lebanon, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

 First of all we have to understand that the visit of the enemy’s prime minister to the United states could only be seen as a part of the American-Israeli coordination that has reached its most dangerous level in the latest Israeli-American operation (Protective Wall) which the two parties have planned before-hand its various military details. And that they are now coordinating how to invest what had happened to pressurize the Palestinians, and push the Arabs to provide additional concessions, by urging them to offer new initiatives that take into consideration Sharon’s security and political conditions, as well as taking advantage of the rush of certain Arab regimes to recognize the enemy.

There are those who are trying to say that we were defeated, and that we have as Arabs and Muslims to pay the price once more, which means that the concentration in this stage will not be on the fundamental issue of the Israeli occupation, but on the marginal details… In this atmosphere, some of the visits to Europe, and even to the United States, aim at filling the political vacuum with statements and positions that aim at getting many Arab and Western parties out of its impasse. The Palestinians would not, meanwhile, benefit at all, for all these movements will conform with the American-Israeli plan that aim at integrating the Arabs in the new American stage after the Afghani war, in which their fundamental causes, especially the Palestinian cause, are but marginal.

Therefore, we have to assure the world that the victory the Americans and Zionists claim is not true. For, although we believe that the wounds of Palestinians are not ordinary ones, but we do not agree with those who believe that the Palestinian people has grown tired, and could no longer stand up again. The Israeli brutal American-backed campaign hardened the Palestinian position and did not destroy its will or pride… The last martyr operation in Tel-Aviv has proven once again   the ability of this people to reshuffle the cards and penetrate all security, political and psychological barriers, and create new impasses and crises to the enemy. Thus we should not rush into conclusions, for the winning of one round, does not mean that the enemy holds all the cards.

In Lebanon, and as we continue our struggle for liberation, we have not to jump over our political and economic wounds. A country that is not stable socially, economically and politically would not be prepared to continue its march. Therefore we would like once again to stress the need for a comprehensive economic plan that all parties agree on so as not to let any body incite internal strife among us.

In this stage there is, and more than any other previous stage, a need to enhance our national unity both on the level of the state and on the level of all trends and sects of the society, to prevent the economic crisis, which is deepening everyday, from bringing the country into collapse.

In this respect, the feuds we create every now and then, represents a barrier that hinders us from planning to the future, in a united way that could confront the critical challenges that confront us.