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A dangerous escalation in the “North”

Sayyed Fadlullah: The United States has participated in planning and coordinating all moves and actions taken by Israel including preparing the ground for the aggression on Syria and in providing the necessary “justifications”…

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question :On the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of the October war Israel chose to escalate its aggressions and raided a refugee camp near the Syrian capital. What in your view are the motives and prospects of this escalation?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

There is no doubt that the Zionist enemy has deeply sunk in a big impasse, especially since it was unable to end the Palestinian Intifada. The latter was able to achieve additional victories as in the Haifa operation.

This prompted the enemy’s leadership to think about a new aggression that goes beyond Lebanon and occupied Palestine in a move to run forward and suggest that the rules of the game have changed, especially after the polls had shown that Sharon’s popularity has decreased and the Jews have lost their trust in their government’s policies that no longer could provide security for the Israelis.

Nevertheless, both the actions on the ground and the political moves that accompanied them prove that Israel is not the sole responsible. The United States has participated in planning and coordinating all moves and actions. It even took part in preparing the ground for the aggression on Syria and in providing the necessary “justifications”… Our study of the American Israeli war on the region concludes that America fights on behalf on Israeli in Iraq while Israel fights on behalf of America in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Thus, any war conducted by any of the two parties is fully coordinated between them just as in the times of peace.

In this stage, America wants to intensify its pressures on the Arab world to force it to conform to its policies and to acknowledge its defeat by Israel that turned its war against the Palestinians a part of the American war against the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims into an integrated fully fletched war that strikes here and there.

It is no coincidence therefore that the strike against Syria has coincided with the Syrian accountability act.

We believe that the aggression against Syria has been planned quite in advance by both America and Israel. But Israel was waiting for the politically right moment to make it look as a retaliation that serves its own interests as well as that of the US. For America has begun to intimidate the entire region, as evident from its latest declarations that Iran represents a threat to the region. Moreover, it is clear that America that plays the role of the world’s cop wants Israel to a act as the cop of the region. Consequently, America and Israel represent the danger that threatens the entire world and not only the Middle East.

Faced by such developments we wonder about the Islamic stand and the general Arab position from this violation of the Arab and Islamic security. We ask ourselves: What happened to the joint Arab defense, and the Arab League which found it enough to convene at the level of representatives. If Israel is conducting offensive that leaves no means or weapons it does not resort to why don’t the Arabs choose to stop using the simplest weapons as the economic and political boycott. We should free ourselves from this state of weakness and unbalance before the enemy seizes what is left of our land, wealth and pride.