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Israel refuses to release the prisoners

Sayyed Fadlullah : What the Palestinians are subjected to is a part of the American Israeli campaign that aims at subduing the entire region.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the recent developments in Palestine, especially the Israeli stalling in executing even partial steps that were provided for in the last truce

The religious Maturity Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

It has became clear for all how much pressure was exerted on the Palestinians, by international and Arab parties alike , to force them to adapt to the general situation in the region in the aftermath of the American war on Iraq. It would have been a big embarrassment for the US if the Palestinians continued the Intifada with the same vigor while Washington was talking about comprehensive solutions for the entire region.

Thus we believe that what the Palestinians are subjected to is a part of the American Israeli campaign that aims at subduing the entire region. The pressures the Palestinians had to face are of a magnitude that is equal to an international war being waged against them, while they were left alone in the face of the Zionist organized terror that killed their innocent children, women and elderly, and systematically destroyed their infrastructure.

The very slow pace in executing the initial steps following the announcement of the truce, especially in releasing the detainees, proves that there is an American Israeli coordination the aims at lessening the security and economic cost the Israelis have to pay as a result of the Intifada. But there are no practical steps to protect the Palestinian economy and security being the pillars of the Palestinian state, which is only paid lip service in the various press statements.

As we appreciate the Palestinianís upholding of their national unity in the face of the attempts to incite civil strife among them, we call upon them to be aware of what is being planned against them. The American Israeli alliance that suggests to itself and others that it has been victorious in the general Arab battle, wants to be victorious too in the specific Palestinian front which is still unbreakable. All the Israeli attempts to kill the spirit of freedom and resistance of the Palestinian people have failed, and they will continue to fail, and the struggle will continue until a new dawn of freedom rises in Palestine and the region.