Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Sha’ban 1,1423Hij - October 8,2002 A.D.


Surprised by the silence of the Arab and Islamic “street” towards the escalating Zionist Massacres.

Sayyed Fadlullah considers Sharon’s visit to Washington as one of the most dangerous visits, due to the plots that will be contemplated in it.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the Israeli-American relations before the anticipated American offensive, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah stated:

I believe that the talk about Sharon being summoned to the US does not reflect the real American stance towards Israel. What is going on-especially in this stage- is an American-Israeli coordination at the highest levels to run the war against our region. This comprehensive coordination includes both the strategic issues, and the minor details in which the two parties divide the roles among them.

Thus, we believe that Sharon’s coming visit to the States is one of the most dangerous visits due to the plots and projects that the Americans are going to tell the Israelis about so that the latter can follow their rhythm in the political and military steps they take, either in occupied Palestine or in the entire region.

This is because the American Administration wants to prepare a conductive atmosphere to its political and military program concerning Iraq and then the entire region.

This does not mean that the US Administration will prevent the enemy from continuing its barbaric war and massacres against the Palestinians. Rather they want the Zionists to manage their war in a way that does not make a lot of noise, and run it in a manner that does not provoke the Arab and Islamic street. Moreover, it could be that they felt that this street has been silenced, having been dealt with by the security agencies in one way or the other. All this has lead to the escalation of the massacres, which is also due to the enemy’s feeling that it could nothing to stop the Intifada except to resort to more killing and dislocation.

It is quite tragic to see that some European capitals are witnessing demonstrations to protest against the massacres or the American war on Iraq, which have also reached Australia and even the United States, without any similar movements in the Arab and Islamic world.

As if the American aggression is something that you cannot prevent or confront, but only deal with its consequences after it occurs.

We are witnessing one of the most dangerous stages in all our contemporary history, since the American and Israeli projects have coincided in an unprecedented manner, in both the tactical and strategic levels…

If the Arab regimes believe that they will not or cannot use their armies to face the aggression why do they prevent their peoples from trying to fight the coming aggression, especially that they know that at least some of them are meant to be changed or pay a heavy political economic and security price if the Americans and Israelis execute their plans.

You still have ample time to do something instead of waiting for the fire to reach your houses, or more accurately, your thrones.