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The American threats indicate a dangerous comprehensive plan that aims at dominating the entire region

In his answer to a question concerning the nature of the American threats and whether they are for the purpose of pressure and intimidation only or a part of a comprehensive plan that target Lebanon and Syria, the religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

 First we should know that the round of American congressmen in the region, which was said to be exploratory, is only exploratory in the sense that they wish to discover the best ways to enhance the enemy’s freedom of movement against the Palestinians.

To do this, they have to provide a favorable political atmosphere in the region, and deliver messages to Israel’s neighboring countries, especially Syria and Lebanon, that they should prevent any political, media or security relations with the Intifada.

Thus, this threatening American language and this new American position that emphasizes the priority of hitting Syria and Lebanon before hitting Iraq, constitute a part of the American-Israeli plan to facilitate the execution of what was contained in Bush’s last speech.

For although the stances of the American congressmen do not commit their administration, they constitute a part of the general American movement that coordinates with the Israeli movement.

Moreover, the Americans want Lebanon to forego its national rights, especially its right to resist occupation, for they do not want the Resistance in Lebanon to inspire the Intifada in Palestine.

These new American movements is a culmination of series of threats and seductions, since they feel that the current international atmosphere, and even the regional atmosphere, with the Arabs silent towards what is going on in Palestine, offers them a good opportunity to exert more pressure and achieve their goals.

We believe that the pace of the escalating threats against Syria, Lebanon ad the Resistance is not merely a case of political escalation, rather it indicates a dangerous plan that exceeds Syria and Lebanon to reach the entire region, since dominating these two fronts is the first step on the way to subjugate the whole region and make it yield to the Israeli dictates.

Nevertheless, we believe that Lebanon who was able to resist and defeat several American projects and plans, and that was able to liberate its lands, possesses along with Syria and other Arab and Muslim fronts- what enables him to overcome these American threats that will definitely continue taking different political, media and diplomatic forms.

The stage now is more dangerous than any previous one, but we still own may elements of force that we could rely on in the face of the American and Israeli storms that could circumvent and thwart any American-Israeli plan and project.

But we have to be very cautious and vigilant, for we are walking, as a region, on a political minefield that might turn into a military one in several places. But when the fire erupts it will not be restricted to one state. It will extend in every direction and will make the enemy the first to pay the price.