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Sayyed Fadlullah: the European Union is equally responsible before history for the new attempt to eradicate the Palestinians.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: Why do you view the label of “terror“ that America still uses in its campaign against Arabs and Muslims? And what, in this respect, do you make of the last European stance?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Since 9-11 we have always warned that the American Administration would be the first beneficiary of such acts. We have also condemned these acts right from the beginning, because they are neither compatible with the Islamic means of political confrontation nor legitimate from the point of view of Shariah, since they target civilians in peace times.

Moreover, we would like to be friends of the world, in accordance with the Quranic teaching, and we do not want to be enemies of the American people even if we differ with its administration. There is no religious justification to target any people, just because there is a difference with its administration even it this administration supports our enemy.

The American President has found in the events of September 11, a golden opportunity to straighten up the internal problems his Administration was suffering from in view of the confusion that accompanied the presidential elections. Not only was the slogan of fighting terrorism used inside the States, but it also was used throughout the world, in a way that enabled Bush to carry out his plans in our region without any protest from any Arab or European power despite the Arab calls for distinguishing between terrorism and resistance, or the European call for the need of further studying.

We also know that branding the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, as terrorism was the result of an American -Israeli coordination that aims at liquidating the Palestinian cause... To do that America had to put pressure on the European Union, Russia and the UN as well as certain Arabs who support the Palestinians...

The last decision of the European Union to consider the political wing of Hamas a terrorist organization is the result of the American pressures that used the carrot and stick policy, threatening to weaken the role of Europe in the region and promising a bigger share in the economic deals. It is quite shameful for Europe to enter into this dark tunnel at the expense if its laws that are supposed to respect human rights, especially the right of expression and fighting occupation. In this respect, we would like to go on record in saying that the EU. Failed to condemn all the terrorist raids the Israeli armed forces waged against the Palestinians that led to the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians as well as destroying their housed and bulldozing their gardens.

We are afraid that Europe which had enjoyed the respect of the Arabs and Muslims for its stances that do not coincide with the American dictates and that reflect a certain respect for the norms of civilization has become influenced by the Americans to the extent that it has ignored its history… We therefore suggest that the European states should condemn the French resistance to the Nazi occupation... We do not want to make it too hard for Europe and ask them what they consider the bombing of Hiroshima is... But we are afraid that the European Union has began to look with one eye, giving, Israel a green light to eradicate anew the Palestinian people.

Thus, Europe, like America and all who take a similar stances, would be holding the responsibility of such crimes. for it is no longer neutral or rational, and it allows the Israelis to target the Palestinian political and spiritual leaders, with Sheikh Ahmad Yassine in their forefront.

Nevertheless, all these pressures and all this Israeli barbaric atrocities will not make the Palestinians yield under the pressures that are now lead by the EU, despite the state of helplessness and instability that is dominant in the Arab and Muslim worlds.