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Emphasizing that the American Administration is preparing for a wider and more dangerous act of terror in the world…

Sayyed Fudlullah asserts that those who spread chaos and wage wars cannot be men of peace.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the future of the world in the light of what the American Administration is planning, a year after the events of September 11, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Past experiences have indicated that the United States did not promote the so-called “World peace”. On the contrary, it was the main cause of several wars, and it encouraged terrorism by its direct or indirect support of the parties that deny the peoples their rights and oppress them by means of terror. A clear example in this respect would be the Israeli state whose oppression and wrong doing is unprecedented in history, and that enjoys the full support of the Americans to continue their massacres and killings.

Thus, the United States is the by far the biggest sponsor of terror in the entire world. It continues to provide it with justifications whenever the need rises, even if it means pressurizing the United Nations to issue resolutions, or to refrain from condemning terrorist massacres like that of Qana in South Lebanon, or Jenin in the West Bank. Any party that plays such a role cannot present itself as a savior; Consequently, when we deplored the events of the 11th of September the moment they took place, we had no doubt whatsoever that it was the policies of the successive American administrations that lead to such consequences and that will lead to even more dangerous ones. Our condemnations for these events and the like do not deter us from saying the truth: The American Administration is preparing for a wider and more dangerous act of terror, through its support and sponsoring of the escalating Israeli terror.

On this basis, we say that this Administration cannot present itself to the world as one that seeks to provide peace, freedom and security to the world. Those who do not posses something cannot give it, and those who spread chaos and wars against the nations of the earth are no men of peace. Those who plant oppression, impoverishment and injustice cannot reap but violence and destruction. This is what the US is doing in our region and thus, it is preparing for a new war that is presented as the second phase of the war on terror, while in actual fact it is but another step in the plan to usurp the resources of the region.

As we do not believe the US in its concern for Lebanon and its freedoms, being responsible for the eruption of the civil war that devastated it, and undermined its political and economic stability, we would like the entire world not to believe its claims of seeking to save humanity.

The US is preparing for a new war to promote its interests as well as the Israeli interests in the region. And the world has begun to notice this fact and to understand that its claims are but lies.

And we feel that it is our responsibility to help the world in exposing the falseness of these claims.