Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Rabi’al-awal 30 1423H – 11/06/2002 A.D.


warns against a new American and Israeli round of attack against the region

H.E. believes that the war against Palestine and the Palestinians is made in America. This war is just a startup point for the Americans to continue their attack which started immediately after the incidents of September 11th.

In his reply to a question during his weekly meeting about his expectations to the new stage concerning the Lebanese and the Palestinian fronts, the Religious Authority H.E. M.H. Fadlullah said: The Arabs’ political problem is their continuous resort to “wishes and hopes” to solve their political problems. These wishes are based on the results, which the Arab presidents come up with during and after their visits, negotiations, and meetings with the American administration... Immediately, the Arab media cast the light over these visits thinking that Bush would force Sharon to regenerate his political negotiations with the Palestinians. However, in view of the failing results of these visits, we realize that the American Administration hasn’t shown yet any respect or any serious consideration to any Arab initiative; on the contrary, the American Administration considers all the Arab issues as issues that don’t need to be solved; they can wait. Indeed, hadn’t Bush been in need for Sharon and for the Jewish support in the by-elections of the Republican Party, he wouldn’t have called him at this present stage. That is why Bush has recently given Sharon all the support in his barbaric invasion against the Palestinian cities.

Bush’s justification to Sharon’s invasion as self defense is nothing more than a contempt to the Arabs and their problems. We notice that all what the Arabs obtain are false promises only and they seem contented with them, where as the Zionists get all the support.

On this basis, the American Administration and the enemy’s entity are getting ready these days to embark on a new round of political and military offensive on the Arab and Islamic region… Israel is not waging its war against the Palestinians all-alone … the war is a joint action that lays the basis for a new state in the whole region. Thus, one of the first American priorities in the present stage is to deprive the Palestinian from any source of power they have, in order to subject them and use their weakness in pressurizing all Arabs and the Muslims and forcing them to accept the American plans, especially now that the regimes have managed to silent the “street” and thwart its movement.

Thus, we ought to be aware of how critical this stage is: the recent American news about new operations in America that is prepared for by Arabs and Muslims, as well as what the enemy is talking about regarding the martyr operations or the Resistance’s weapons, aim at reinvesting all this as a reason to revitalize the American offensive that started following September 11th, after the Intifada was able to thwart many of its objectives whether in Palestine or the region.

Thus, we believe that the recent operations in occupied Palestine, that opened many holes in the defensive Shield, represent a new Intifada against the entire American, Israeli and even Arab attempts that aimed at driving the Palestinians to the verge of despair to destroy any determination they have to confront. It is even a victory on all the plots that were planned for the region.

The Arabs and Muslims have to deploy all the weapons of confrontation and rejection in their disposal, to prepare for the coming stage which might be the most dangerous of all. The Lebanese too have to leave behind their internal differences that overburdened their already difficult political and economic situation. Keeping preoccupied in these discussions and rows will only lead to additional problems which will make them unaware of the dangers in the South front, as well as other regional and international fronts.