Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Muharram 12, 1423 March 26,2002 A.D.


Islamic Unity and Sectarian Differences

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah in his weekly seminar:

·       What awaits us in Palestine is more than all the partisanship and hatred that is being incited.

·       I call upon the Muslim Religious, Scholars to consolidate Muslim unity among the two major sects of Sunni and Shiite.

·       We  should transform the political and jihad unifying positions into cultural and ideological meeting places…

Asked in his weakly seminar about the conferences that are held to draw the Muslims sects nearer and to establish the means to consolidate Muslim unity, the Sayyed said: We should stress in the beginning that the call to Muslim unity is a call to the Muslims to adopt the Quranic Islamic line and path, for Islam being a religion of dialogue and openness does not want its followers to fortify behind their partisan borderlines, forgetting that the Muslims are but one nation that strives to uphold the values of good, love and mercy in the whole world.

Thus, the Muslims have to multiply their efforts to solve or at least freeze the differences among them, which might be a result of things that happened in the past, but whose repercussions has brought nothing but tragedies upon them. It led to confusion and fragmentation without serving any Islamic cause. On the contrary, it created additional psychological barriers that undermined the efforts of the nation to confront the challenges the nation has to face, especially the Zionist occupation and the hegemony of international arrogance.

Faced by this state of the nation, we call upon Muslim religious scholars to uphold their religious responsibilities and address the following issues:

- Firstly: they should define the basis of the accusation of disbelief. It is unacceptable to charge people with such a grand accusation that has become associated with subjective moods that are alien to the spirit of Islam and its true concepts, with such ease… Accusations of disbelief should not be that easy and free so as to entail individuals, groups and sects without any evidence or proof. Such irresponsible acts will strengthen the state of dispersion and fragmentation the Muslim nation already suffers from.

- Secondly: we have to define the terms and concepts we use, and make sure that they are based firmly on the religious basis of Quran and Islamic traditions.

-Thirdly: On the basis of these two lines, the Muslim religious scholars must wage a campaign to call for Islamic unity in all public occasions, and concentrate on the common issues that have to do with Muslims fate, especially that the arrogant powers have put both Muslim sects of Sunni and Shiite in the same category as being part of “the axis of evil”. They treat us as a unity that represents their enemy while we are still divided and controlled by our personal ambitions.

We call upon all to transfer the fronts we meet in politically and the field of struggle against the occupier and the arrogant into fronts of cultural and ideological unity, so that the Islamic culture would be a unifying Islamic cultures because what awaits us in Palestine as well as the other fronts is far more dangerous and significant that the various sectarian and partisan incitements. We have ample time to discuss our differences, once we have retrieved our rights.