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  How to fight terrorism

The G8 held their last summit in Scotland , with the aim of helping the poor countries but it was met with massive demonstrations against globalization that spread in various parts of the world

Sayyed Fadlullah: let us set out radical solutions to defeat the arrogant, economic and political policies. And let us create a favorable atmosphere for a real reform process…
If poverty is allowed to aggravate as a result of the policies of hegemony, plunder and oppression, terrorism will surely thrive.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question : How does Islam view the big gap between the rich and the poor in today's world? And how can we narrow this gap? The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

God's wisdom saw to it that to establish a balance in human life, people were created with different potentials, positions and tasks. And this made human life a movement of exchange of interests, capabilities and needs.

Such a disproportion constitutes a natural law that makes everybody in need of others, and subjected by them.

Thus the need for subjecting others is relative and not absolute. But this relative disparity is no longer a natural phenomenon: it has been turned by the tyrants and international arrogance into a means of exploitation of the wealth and resources of the poor and the deprived, making the rich richer and the poor poorer to the extent that the rich countries have been confined to the eight countries known as the G8.

Faced with this reality we would like to point out to the following:

If the differences that exist between human societies are necessary for the growth of civilizations on earth, it has turned, as a result of international plotting to a huge problem, since the values that the heavenly messages came up with are no longer adopted and the guidelines and programs that restrict tyranny and arrogance are no longer taken into consideration.

Thus the arrogant powers were able to establish their hegemony over the political economic and social life in the entire world creating the objective conditions that would enable them to continue their exploitation.

This is what we notice in the practices of the world Bank that is controlled by the superpowers, especially the US, and that has turned into an instrument that enables the rich countries to pressurize the poor ones and sustain their dependence.

Secondly: Then there is the crime the states of international arrogance have conspired to maintain: the monopoly practiced by the multinational giant companies that, along with the phenomenon of economic globalization, have contributed, is crushing entire nations, destroying their resources and making them lack behind in comparison with the other nations. Moreover, this state of affairs has created an environment that is suitable for the growth of violence and terrorism which we believe that it tends to grow where the policies of economic and political hegemony, the arrogant especially the Americans, are imposing on the world, are dominant.

Thirdly: In the G8 summit, the American President linked any aid to the poor countries to fighting corruption and adopting democracy.

It is as if he is saying that they have to pay the price twice, since we all know that dictatorships were supported by the US itself for several decades, and they are the ones that organized corruption and systematic plunder.

In the West, they are saying that terrorism is the son of poverty, but they fall short of admitting that they are responsible for this poverty.

But we believe that in addition to poverty, the real father of terrorism is the arrogance that laid the foundations of its wealth on the impoverishment and hunger of mankind.

In this respect, the ongoing impoverishment of the Palestinian people is meant to add an economic tragedy to the political one, and this will have an impact on the entire region and not the Palestinians only.

We in Lebanon, and the Arab and Muslim worlds, are faced with a huge debt problem that produces successive crisis which in turn produce political end security complications.

To overcome all these huge problems, let us set out radical solutions to defeat the imperialistic, economic and political polices. And let us create a favorable atmosphere for a real reform process…

If poverty is allowed to aggravate as a result of the policies of hegemony, plunder and oppression, terrorism will surely thrive.