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The American threats and the Israeli actions

Sayyed Fadlullah: The pressures are escalating, but there is a ceiling that even America con not penetrate .

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: As the coordination between America and Israel increases, it is noticed that the Israeli aggressions against Lebanon are mounting, while Iran and Syria too are under escalating American pressure. What does America want to achieve strategically in the region?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

One cannot underestimate the dangerousness of the American threats on various parts of the Arab-Islamic world, especially Syria and Iran, nor can one ignore the USA continuous usage of the term “terrorism” to tame and control several regimes and forces in the region.

One cannot but see the American threats to Saudi Arabia as falling in this context, for Iraq was merely a point of departure for the new American project that is sponsored by several Jewish American figures, as well as many strategic centers that view the American interests from an Israeli perspective.

America is focusing in this stage on making Syria And Iran capitulate; in an effort to let Israel have the only say in the region. That is why we noticed an escalation in the threatening language to Syria that included the threat of the Secretary of State to isolate it if it does not respond favorably to the American demands by the end of September… presuming that carrying on at this pace will not give Syria a chance to catch its breath and pursue its own polices.

Due to its Israeli perspective, the American Administration is trying to eliminate any element of strength the nation possesses… and the American threats to Iran concerning the nuclear issue are a case in point.

They are the result of the Israeli view that holds that Iran will possess one day, even of it is in the far future, elements of force that might alter the strategic balance in the region. Moreover, even if the Iranian potentials and resources were utilized in peaceful development, they will constitute a threat from the viewpoint of America and Israel, especially that the country that seeks to develop is an Islamic one. This was what America did with Pakistan. It punished it and gave India a free hand to develop its nuclear arsenal.

It is America that is encouraging Israel in all its wars of aggression and threats to Syria and Iran… It also encourages Sharon to escalate his aggression against Lebanon for it has found that the countries in the region were able to relieve themselves from the pressures that were made in the aftermath of September 11. Yet there is a limit no aggression could surpass, since a certain balance of terror still exists. Moreover, America does not want the temple to fall on its head, if the military and security chaos mounts... Thus, there are certain rules that govern the situation that even America cannot break at will. The Arab -Islamic nation still has the capabilities and the resources it can use to deter this enraged aggression on the entire region.