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The American Secretary of State’s latest visit to Lebanon and Syria

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Road Map is a maze designed to trap the Arabs in its passages.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the situation in the Arab world in the light of Powell's visit to the region the Religions Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

There is little doubt that secretary Powell’s visit to the enemy's entity is  a continuation of the efforts to end all remaining Arab opposition fronts in the aftermath of the war on Iraq . Today the pressures focus on the Palestinians to force them to accept Israel 's security and political conditions in the context of implementing the Road Map plan, since this plan is one of the ways to subject the Palestinians who have shown an ability to refuse and resist that surprised both the Americans and the Israelis.

Powell carried to the Palestinians Sharon's conditions of turning the new Palestinian government to an oppression force that would crack down the Intifada having failed himself in doing so, and having been consequently unable to tell the Israelis that he has been able to defeat the Palestinians. Thus, the Americans are concentrating these days on making the Palestinians accept the Israeli conditions, which could lead, if they are careful enough, to a civil war.

In addition to demanding from other Arab countries to help in executing the plan, the Americans have also assured the Israelis that they world not pressurize Israel . Thus allowing it not to make any concessions in what it view as its vital interests.

Hence, Bush's talk about a new Middle East in 2013 is a talk about an Israeli Middle East, since by then America would have ended any sources of opposition in the Arab world. When America talks about freedom and democracy it is actually lying, for it wants to redraw the Middle East to fit its political, security and economic plans which takes into consideration the Israeli interests only. How could an administration that seeks to extend its hegemony to the whole world, and how could a president who crushed all moral and human values with his war machine talk about changing a certain region into a region that upholds these values.

The image that this administration presents for America is an image of a monster, or a ghoul who wants to take every opportunity to hunt all the nations of the world.

Therefore, we call upon all Muslim and Arab peoples to take care and not pose as a prey for this monster. We also call upon the Palestinians to understand what is really going on. It is not a question of implementing the road map. It is the new maze, which they aim to get us lost in its passages. The only way we can confront this game is by solidifying our unity and by keeping our eyes open to be able to study the situation and draw our plans of confrontation.