Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of JomadaII 04 1423H – 13/8/2002 A.D.


Emphasizing the urgency and the necessity of quick action

Fudlallah warns the Arab and Muslim peoples of their indifference towards the American campaign to thwart our struggle and usurp our wealth.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the goals and prospects of the American foreign policy in the region, and in the whole world in general, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah answered:

We all know that the United States has been planning for years, and even decades, to reach the stage where by the Arab and Islamic region becomes under its direct control, especially that after it had turned many states into satellites that execute its polices, while other regimes and groups had given her a free gift, when they called her to come to the region and provided the Americans with all the excuses and pretenses they need to stay.

Thus, the American foreign policy in the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the events of September 11th is part of the American scheme that wants to destroy all those who still oppose the American strategy, and to circumvent any international attempt to maintain any political or economic independence.

Thus, we believe that the Americans are imposing their hegemony not only on the region but on the entire world as well.

They are carrying out a carefully studied plan that states that political and military anarchy in various parts of the world, especially the Middle East, facilities the American political, economic and even legal hegemony. In this respect, we have seen how it rejects any treaty that commits it to present its citizens for trial abroad, while it gives itself the right to try whoever it wants with no deterrent at all, not even the basic human rights.

The danger that this American confiscation of the world represents lies, in addition to its devastating political and physical consequences, in the continuous war it wages on the system of moral and human values that all human groups, regardless of race, color or creed, ascribe to. America is acting nowadays as if the whole world has become its “backyard”. It intervenes in any place in the world it feels that it harbors a real opposition to its policy of hegemony or its unequivocal support for Israel. 

As we begin to observe that in the atmosphere of the American hegemony over the whole world, a new racism against the Arab and Muslims has emerged, making them guilty until proven innocent, we would like to warn the states of the world, especially those of the European Union, that the policy of remaining silent vis-à-vis this offensive will bring about catastrophic results.

We also warn the Arab and Muslim peoples that their indifference towards the American campaign will motivate the Americans to expand their offensive against Palestine and Iraq to reach every corner of our land.

We ought to move fast, before the whole region enters in a state of anarchy.