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The axis of evil


Sayyed Fadlullah :No man is absolutely evil . If there was such a thing in politics it would be represented by the American Administration that continues to blindly support Israel and commit its own aggressions and violation of international law .

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: The parties that hate Islam have gone all the way to present him as a religion that calls for evil. On its part the American Administration envisages the countries that oppose arrogance as belonging to the axis of evil.

How does Islam view the good as a religious human value?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

God, the most exalted, has sent His Messengers to all mankind to strengthen the culture of good in human souls, spreading the values of love and charity to all people .Messengers, thus, were a mercy to all people, and the spirit of good they were sent with is indivisible, since it represents an integrated moral system that people could not attain stability and security if they choose not to adopt it.

Islam came to complete the Messages of the previous messengers, emphasizing that morals and good are a major aim that they were sent to establish . The Messenger says: verily I have been sent to complete the evaluation of morals. and the Islamic call sought to establish the principles of Good in the society on the following pillars:

Firstly: Believing that man is the one who plants good in the society, therefore no matter how much he deviates we cannot consider him as absolute evil. Rather we have to look for traces of good inside the evil people and try to expand them to overcome those of the evil. Thus, we cannot reach a conviction regarding any human being that he is an absolute evil, no matter how arrogant or sinful he is. On the contrary, Islam calls on us to look for windows of good in his personality so as to reassure him and prevent him from falling into frustration and despair and ultimately become more evil.

Secondly, Religion as a whole, with all its principles and concepts is a call for the good. It wants man to live his life guided by the norms of good and righteousness.

God says in His Holy Book: O ye who believe! give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He calls you to that which will give you life. Thus religion represents a call for life, good health and healing the souls and the hearts from all sicknesses. Ali (a.s.) described the Messenger(p.) as a doctor who carries his medicines around, giving them to the needy whether to blind hearts or deaf ears.

Thirdly, Islam calls on us to eradicate evil from the souls and the texts. We have to plant good in our hearts and souls before we call others to abide by the demands of our sects. On this basis, we would emphasize that the culture of evil and aggression does not have anything to do with Islam. God says: Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity. Thus every text that might suggest evil is unacceptable and unauthentic even if it is cited in our best reference books.

The problem the world is suffering from nowadays is that there are two contradictory cultures yet they meet in the end at dividing the world into axis; that of good and that of evil. Then each will go on to call for destroying the other axis as the one of evil.

On our part, we do not accept the idea of a human being describing another as representing evil.

Even if we were to agree that this could be acceptable in politics we would say that this applies on the American Administration that has planted the culture of anarchy, evil and killing in the world in general and in our Islamic Arab region in particular.

We view the American pressures against Iran based on the pretence of seeking to own nuclear weapons while Israel is provided with all the technologies to use its nuclear bombs, including the germen gift of two submarines… We view this as the biggest aggression on Arabs of Muslims… They are denied the right to possess any technological of scientific means, even if it were to be used in a peaceful manner, while at the same time boosting that they are supporting Israel, and keep silent towards the Israeli aggression and massacres against the Arab and Palestinians.

It is America that represents the major axis of evil in the world, since it supports Israel and continues to violate international law, through its occupation and torturing prisoners in its secret detentions in various places of the world.