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9-11 three years on

Sayyed Fadlullah: The World should in these days in particular voice its rejection to the American policy of deceit, and the terrorist acts the occupation is committing in cold blood, just as it condemns the other acts of terror practiced by individuals or groups.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: On the anniversary of 9-11, several observers and pundits are asking about the military and political means especially the policy of lies and deceit the US resorted to invade many countries in the region.

How successful can such a policy be?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

It has become known in the international political circles that the major superpowers especially the US depend largely on their intelligence agencies to implement their policies.

The role of such agencies has cased to be merely gathering information; they now fabricate lies and present them to the media as facts so as to create an international impression of a need for change. This is how several regimes have fallen and were replaced by others that work for the CIA.

Yet, things took an additional dimension after 9-11, the US started not to care about fabricating lies or even justify its moves. It is now and as a result of its imperial mentality looking for any opportunity to execute the previously drawn plans regardless of the consequences.

Thus, we saw how the US Administration did not care about the UN when it invaded Iraq, and did not give the UN inspectors the time they needed to verify the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

Then, in the aftermath of the invasion and when the Americans talked about certain mistakes regarding this matter, they did not feel sorry that these mistakes led to the invasion of a country and killing tens of thousands, of its people. Instead they changed the goals of the invasion to talk about the need to remove the tyrant whom nobody feels sorry forů But this is not the point, since the question is: who gave America the authority to appoint dictators and then remove them when they are no longer needed.

The Bush Administration feels that it no longer needs to resort to deceit, giving its forces the freedom to use all terrorist means, claiming that this is justified by its war on terrorism. It is also not concerned with the results of this devastating war.

In doing this, the American president was able to make a few new 9-11s, in the Arab and Islamic region. He is planning for additional massacres and tragedies, at a time he presents himself to the American voters as the general who seeks to eradicate terrorism in the world.

We believe that Bush is getting ready to commit additional massacres in the region in the relatively short period before the elections.

He believes that this would attract additional voters to vote for him, claiming that terrorism is an Islamic phenomenon, and that the best way to confront it is to go to it before it comes to himů

This policy has made America kill multiples of those killed in 9-11 turning the world to a state of globalization of terrorism.

We notice that the mass killing operations that are committed by the occupying forces in Iraq resemble the way Sharon is eradicating the Palestinians, and tell the world that General Bush is no different than General Sharon.

It is also intended to act as a message to the Arab and Muslim peoples that spilling their blood is lawful not just to execute the American strategy, but even to renew Bush's term in office.

That is why American war planes raid the civilians whether in the streets or in their houses, while talking about the democracy they are trying to build in Iraq.

The World should, and before it is too late, voice its rejection to the American policy of deceit, and the terrorist acts the occupation is committing in cold blood, just as it condemns the other acts of terror practiced by individuals or groups. Europe in particular, has an ethical and political responsibility to condemn these acts before the killings and violence extend to new places that have so far been safe.