Stands >2003 Stands >The Stand of Safar 13, 1424, April 15, 2003 A.D.

Fadlullah expects more threats and we call for holding fast in confronting them.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the effects of the American war on Iraq on Palestine and Syria , The religious authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah answered:

It has become quire evident that the U.S. is fighting Sharon 's wars in the region whether military, political or even economic. It was quite indicative that a British minister said in the EU meeting in Luxembourg : We have eliminated one of the greatest threats that used to pressurize Israel … Thus revealing one of the fundamental objectives of this war: removing any element of strength Iraq still possessed and could threaten Israel with, and not Liberating Iraq and providing a free future for its people.

Thus, the rush of Zionist officials to threaten Palestine and Syria is a way to benefit from the results of the war and another intimidation attempt that intersects with the American attempts to end any opposition in the region. They aim ultimately to achieve a strategic breakthrough and force the Palestinians and the Arabs to agree to certain concessions that were considered taboos like the right of return, and drive them to accept putting an end the Palestinian cause.

We believe that the way things are turning out, with all the amendments the Israelis are making on the “Road Map” that coincide with the threats against Syria , aim at imposing a humiliating settlement on the Arabs, that goes far beyond the Oslo conditions and that pay no attention to the Arab decisions in their summits. America wants no less than declaring Israel as the victorious side over all Arab and Muslims whether politically or militarily.

America wants to leave Iraq a weak country that has no military, political and economic strength. It fires these accusations and threats on Syria , because it wants to leave Israel as the only power, while all other Arab and Muslim states and entities are under its control. Thus, as we expect stronger American threats against Syria , Iran and the Palestinians, we want the Arabs and Muslims to hold to their rejection of American hegemony and Israel ’s usurpation of their rights. When the nations voice their rejection they can hinder the occupier’s moves and prevent it from achieving its goals, although it might deceive itself by the military victory it made against a regime that the occupier itself built, but wanted the entire nation to pay the price of its fall.