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Warning of Political, informational, economic and security expropriation of the nation

Sayyed Fadlullah feels that the price the coming generations is gong to pay is heavier than the one we are paying now.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the role the Islamic and Arab peoples could play in the current circumstances, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

We ought to know that most Arab regimes have confiscated the will of their peoples and made their public opinions prisoners of the political climate they imposed, either directly through the security and intelligence agencies, or indirectly through the media which might sometimes suggest that it is free but it actually complements the role of the security agencies to outflank any desire to change.

This does not mean that we ought to remain silent; claiming hat any move will be opposed. Since this means that change will never come, and thus we would be taking the place of the regimes in oppressing ourselves... We have, as political organizations that seek change and peoples that are watching the loss of the future of their coming generations, to act in a positive way that might hinder some of the plans that are about to be carried out against some of the nation’s strongholds so as to continue to pressurize the rest.

In this context, I believe that America was encouraged by the state of Arab and Islamic indifference towards its war against Afghanistan to wage its second war against Iraq .

This does not mean that we do not sympathize with our causes, especially with what has been going on in Palestine ; we lack the ability to change it to political agendas, and mechanisms.

This is the responsibility of the religious scholars, and the intellectuals in general, as well as the political parties that call for change, for they have depended on the political discourse and not on practical moves.

We do not deny that the regimes in the Arab and Islamic worlds have gained a kind of immunity against change, and learnt how to thwart the street’s movement by many informational and political means, but we still have the duty to let the regimes know that we have a lot of options including the taking down to the street to voice our absolute rejection to any invasion whether in the name of the war against “terrorism” or against mass destruction weapons. Since waiting for what is coming is waiting for a crushing and decisive defeat that will force the regimes not only to sign but also to remain silent towards the issues that have to do with the nation’s major causes and the future of coming generations.

We have begun to notice in many Arab and Islamic countries certain preparations to contain the popular movement and to make the necessary changes that will keep them in power and pave the way for the American offensive.

Consequently, we have to wage a campaign that would warn the masses of the dangers ahead if our state of political death continues. The price that will be paid by the coming generations will be heavier than the one we are paying now.

Moreover, if any country could be exempt from direct military invasion, it might not be able to avoid political and economic expropriation.