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Sharon’s visit to India and Israel’s state terror

Sayyed Fadlullah: Although the conditions are unfavorable , the Palestinians were able to break the pressures against them . The Arab and Muslim support is a must, for the victory on the Palestinian front paves the way for further victories

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question :In are article headed “Palestine has gone” The Israeli Newspaper , Maa’rif, wrote: “In India, Palestine was buried before it was born… The warn reception that Sharon received is an obvious challenge to the radical Islam that threatens India too”.
How can we read the prospects of the open Israeli war against the Palestinians whether in the occupied territories or in the world in general?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

The observers who follow the political and security arrogant campaign against the nation notice that it acts on two fronts. On the one hand, it targets the major issues and causes of the nation for the last century, like the Palestinian issue, and on the other, it tries to attack and undermine Islam as a religion, focusing on its ideological political and legislative connotations, in an effort to prevent the birth of any political entity that joins the nation with all its political and ideological factions.

Thus, we believe that the Zionist war against the Palestinian people that is fully backed by the American Administration and that began to enjoy the support of some European powers surpasses the mere assassination of Palestinian militants and leaders. It is an all out war against the Palestinian existence. One could easily see how this is being done, when we study how the Israelis try to focus on details and marginal issues while they continue to destroy the Palestinian infrastructure, as admitted by several Israeli academic and political figures.

Focusing on the so-called Islamic terror, and treating the entire Palestinian issue as one of the details of the dossier of September 11, as well as establishing regional and international alliances to fight this terrorism and paving the way for Israel to enter into the Arab and Islamic fabric and to reach the countries that surround the Islamic and Arab region like India for example, is part and parcel of the open war against the Arabs and Muslims, that many international and regional powers are trying to benefit of.

In the face of the escalating Zionist war against the Palestinians, we notice that although the regional and international conditions act in the Israeli favor, the Palestinians, have been able to break many circles of pressure that has been exerted on them for the past three years. They have been able to fail Sharon’s security plans and aggravated his political, economic and security impasse.

Their courage and steadfastness has made them earn the respect of the world, which nevertheless it might not admit in public. Yet this has happened at a time when the integrity of the Arabs and Muslims was progressively diminishing:

There is a dire need now for certain practical and well-defined steps to support the Palestinians. Winning in Palestine in this stage by breaking the Israeli terror circle will open the door for a bigger victory and for breaking other terror circles America and Israel are planning for.

The Palestinian cause is still alive in the Arab and Muslim conscience as a result of the Palestinian almost incredible steadfastness and sacrifices, but there is a dire need for the Arabs and Muslims to support such a stand to ensure the continuity and persistence of the Palestinians in their struggle for their just cause despite all the difficulties and the unfavorable circumstances.