Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Shawwal 16, 1422 January 01,2002 A.D.


Seasonal differences are a part of a drawn plan to fill the political vacuum in Lebanon, which will remain unbreakable

His Eminence the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah considered the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Islamic countries as an attempt to avoid criticism  by paying lip service.

The Religious Authority Sayyed M.H. Fadlallah assured that Lebanon will not collapse economically, for such a collapse will detribalize the security of many countries .He pointed out that Lebanon will receive some “shots” of aids through conferences or donations, so that hope of salvation will not evaporate, regardless of the extent and scope of the crises.

His eminence was asked in his weekly seminar about the state of Lebanon in 2002, and he answered: We have always stressed that Lebanon in its political structure, the atmosphere that engulfs its political regime, and the international equation that contributed in creating  its role will always be unbreakable. That is why we saw that the calls for dividing Lebanon were fruitless even during the civil war. Whenever, there was a ceasefire or any truce, the Lebanese rushed to the other sectors to prove that they are but one  people. The discourse of unity has imposed itself even on those who thought of sectarian isolated entities. They went back to their senses knowing that their dreams will not be realized.

We believe that Lebanon will continue to be unbreakable in all circumstances. Various economic and political problems will never surpass a certain level. Since, on the one hand, the internal political game is controlled by the regional and international players, and it is also controlled by the Lebanese internal political climate that runs against any separatist inclinations.

Thus, the seasonal differences which the country witnesses time and again and which blur and obscure the more essentials issues, will find the solutions that will restore calm again . The instability state, which the Lebanese have to cope with, might well be a part of a drawn plan to fill in the internal political vacuum. Although the region is full with events, that the country is bound to be affected with.

Thus, the real problem does not lie in these political rows. It is the economic crisis as well as the Israeli occupation with its expansionist dreams. But we believe that  it will not economically collapse, especially as such a collapse will lead to an instability at the security level in the region as a whole, and in Israel in particular.

That is why the country receives certain small “shots” of aid so  that the hope of salvation will not evaporate regardless of the extent of the economic and political crises.

As for religious  pluralism, it does not constitute a problem by its self. The problem is not in embracing or being committed to a religion, because all religions call for the adoption of the same spiritual values. The problem is in the tribal spirit that has characterized all Lebanese diversities.