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Saddam Hussein falls yet again, but this time in the hands of the Americans.

Sayyed Fadlullah: The new regimes America will install are also dictatorships, regardless of all their talk about democracy and freedom

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: Most observers believe that the fall of Saddam marks the end of era. What are the lessons, we learn from his rise and fall?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Saddam has become a part of history. He did not fall the day he was captured; he fell even before the war on Iraq. He was toppled by the Iraqi people , for he knew he has no place to go once he is no longer in power .Saddam also has fallen in the eyes of the peoples of the region , for they were the victims of his aggressions from Iran to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. To those peoples he has always been a tyrant who is sick with megalomania to the extent that he no longer cares if all the wars he waged has ended in defeat.

Then Saddam fell again when the regime fell irrespective of who overthrew it. It is true that he fell by the American military force but it was the Iraqi people who created the favorable conditions to overthrow the beast who does not respect any moral humane or religious value to fall.

What has to be said is that this tyrant has begun as an American tool to oppress his people and prosecute every national or Islamic activist or militant, so as to keep Iraq free of any power that supports the struggles of the nations of the region and the world.

He acted as an American tool to weaken the Islamic Republic and act as a barrier against any spread of its Islamic slogans of justice and freedom. To accomplish this task America equipped him with the most advanced weapons including weapons of mass destruction, which he later used against his own people. Then America encouraged him to invade Kuwait to legitimize its military presence in the Gulf

After he was forced to withdraw from Kuwait, the Americans wanted Saddam to stay in power. This was evident when they helped him in crushing the popular Iraqi Intifada , for they were afraid that being Islamic, the Intifada was pro-Iranian. …But when America, achieved all its goals in destabilizing Iraq and the region and Saddam turned into a burden, America decided to take direct control of Iraq. Thus, it decided to get rid of the tyrant it had created and supported, proving to the world that it does not keep any of its “tailored” tyrants a day longer than they are needed. It is the US Central Intelligence Agency that has fired its man in the region, having squeezed him to the last drop… this is the lesson all tyrants who are recruited to serve as pawns in the hands of America should learn: they have a fixed role to play that when it ends they too would end.

Bush said that America has supported for the last sixty years the dictatorships in the region, and that it will strive to topple all of them one after the other. But what he did not say is that he is compelled to do so, because the current tyrants could no longer perform the tasks are expected from them and that they will be substituted with the same old new dictatorships even if they will be disguised with a democratic mask.