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The Arab mediation on behalf of Israel

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Arab and Muslim peoples must try to change the course of events and create a new political reality, for the Palestinian case still represents the most important issue that determines the Arabs future.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the Arab political state in this stage and whether they lost their political balance as a result of the continuous American pressures.

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

We notice that the Arabs political reality has turned into what could be described as a sound phenomenon that does not have any effectiveness in supporting the Arab causes and issues, to the extent that the Palestinian cause, which is the most important Arab and Muslim cause has become, despite all summits and conferences, a marginal issue whose importance could be less than any dispute between two Arab states.

Not only did the Arabs turn into mediation between the Palestinians and the Israelis, they have also become a means to apply pressure on the Palestinians. The reason behind this is that most of them has come to believe that they will not get except what Israel is ready to give them and what America will donate in charity; of course through an American -Israeli agreement that takes into consideration the Israeli interests alone. That is why the Arabs have decided to act within these limits and stop trying to follow their own reading or exert any pressure to try to change the direction the developments are taking into another direction that might serve the Palestinian and Arab cause.

What governs the American policy in the region is the security issue, which makes the political concerns rather secondary. This trend coincides with Sharon's project, which uses terror to provide security for Israel and forces the Palestinians to concede their most basic rights whose foregoing means freezing the Palestinian cause for quite a long time to come.

And this probably explains the American call to wage an international war against Hamas and other militant factions. After its failure in Afghanistan and the problems it is facing in Iraq, America is trying to obtain a victory in the Palestinian front. It is betting on the Arab pressures to give Israel a victory over the Intifada that the former was not able to achieve on the ground. Thus the Arab and Muslim peoples must try to change the course of events and create a new political reality, for the Palestinian case still represents, whether in its political, economic and security effects, or with respect to the Arabsí position in the world, the most important issue and one that the determines the Arabs future.