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Ensuring that the American Administration is helping Israel to surpass international resolutions

Sayyed Fadlullah asserts that America has transformed the UN into a vehicle to its aggressions...  the continuous threats entail the very existence of the Nation.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the meaning of holding to the international resolutions, and working under the UN umbrella, especially that it has become evident that these resolutions do not protect the wronged nor does it defend their rights. The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah stated:

It is no longer difficult to pass a judgment on the role of the UN, especially in this stage whereby it has become dominated by the US to the extent that it cannot be made use of even as forum for just causes. The American hegemony has reached a very critical stage that no right of any wronged nation can be attained through the UN, if it runs counter to the interests of the super powers or the Zionists.

It is quite ironic that the President of the Untied States should address the UN to talk about Iraq ’s violations of UN resolutions, knowing that it was America that helped him in violating these resolutions, through its encouragement of the Iraqi war against Iran and using mass destruction weapons in this war. It then gave him a yellow light to invade Kuwait , using it as a scarecrow to the whole Islamic and Arab region.

And now it wants to get rid of the Iraqi regime, under the pretense of not executing the UN resolutions, while in fact, it is planning to dominate the entire region.

Furthermore, the US have constantly helped Israel to pay no attention to any international resolution, whether UN Security Council resolutions 194 (the refugees). 338 and 242 or many others, which Israel in effect rejected, by annexing the Golan, the West Bank , and Gaza … And now it wants to try the Arabs and Muslims in the name of these resolutions having helped Israel not only to violate them but to create a new statuesque in the region that not only does not take these resolutions into consideration, but it also cares not about the rights of nations and humans.

Thus, as we witness this unfavorable international change against our nation’s causes and interests, we do not want the Muslims and Arabs to act against the international resolutions that recognize some of their rights, but we want them to think of another way in dealing with the UN and international forums, even if they have to withdraw from this forum which no longer offers any protection to their rights and peoples. On the contrary, it has become a suitable cover for America to wage a continuous aggression on them.

The nation nowadays is subjected to the most dangerous threats that surpass the current pressures and threatens its very existence. America’s support for Israel in eradicating the Palestinians, destroying their infrastructure, and preventing the Palestinian people from exercising the right of self-determination in accordance with the UN resolutions that America itself took part in formulating is but a specimen of what the Arab and Islamic worlds are going to witness... Thus, we need to take a firm stand which might well be a bold decision concerning the usefulness of our acting under the banner of the UN.

On the other hand, the Arab street should move fast. If the regimes are afraid from it, the time has come that they should try to make use of this street to guarantee their own continued existence by ensuring that the interests of this street and this nation are defended.