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The New war on Iraq will drive  America into a dark tunnel

Asked in his weekly seminar about whether we are about to witness an American dilemma in the light of the present international divisions regarding the war on Iraq, the Religious Authority H.E Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fudlullah said:

Since the announcement of the American President concerning additional stages in the war on what he calls "terrorism", a major part of the world started to learn that the issue is not fighting terrorism, but rather America 's leadership of the world.

In fact, the American Administration has been seeking since the beginning of the end of its war on Afghanistan to realize al the conditions and circumstances it needs to ensure its present and future leadership of the world, as well providing all the support the Zionist entity needs to ensure that it possesses the strength and the power that sustains its military supremacy.

Thus, everybody knows now that the issue is neither the "mass destruction weapons" nor the "axis of evil" or “the rogue states". It is to grab the opportunity that was opened after the events of September 11, to put its hands on international energy resources and create the conditions that would prevent the emergence of any political or economic superpower.

It wants to make the European Union, through running it by means of NATO, one of the margins of American politics… It wants to obstruct any chance the Russian Federation might have to develop, and block the Chinese march towards assuming a role in leading the world with its steady economic growth and carefully studied political stances.  That is why it wants to occupy Iraq , and ensure the legitimacy of its bases in the region, including that of Iraq .

But we believe that the American Administration has really got itself into a big impasse, for it can no longer back off from the war option, since it would be politically very costly. At the same time, its willingness to move forward have made it stand face to face against the entire world, whether they are the millions of masses that demonstrated against the war, the religious Christian and Muslim authorities, or the states that it cannot label as terrorists.

The American Administration is about to stand against the entire world in a war it might not know how to get out of, being the war that will lead humanity, the region and their future into a dark tunnel.

And although we cannot now have a very clear picture of the coming stage that will change the position of many powers and that will reshuffle the alliances, we could safely predict that the US will face major difficulties whether as a result of the new political coalitions that will be formed or the emergence of a hostile international public opinion that has began to feel America's drive towards hegemony and domination at the expense of the world's social, political and economic welfare.

Thus the new stage will be a stage of confrontation between America and the world and not the region only.