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Considering it as the second umbrella that will provide a cover for all American threats…
Sayyed Fudlullah: The American strategy of “preventive Wars” will create a state of unprecedented security chaos in the world.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the new American strategy of “preventive wars”, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fudlullah said:

It is evident that this new American strategy is the second umbrella, the war against terrorism being the first, that will cover and justify all the American threats and actions against those who oppose its policies, especially those whom it considered to form the “axis of evil”. What is probably the most dangerous in this new strategy lies in the fact that it creates a new precedent, because it gives the American Administration the excuse to take preventive measures against any perceived enemy that could be accused-whether rightly or wrongly- of planning to carry out certain actions that undermine American interests and security…

Thus the Administration will make use of all the lies the CIA presents as reliable information to create an atmosphere to incite the Western public opinion in general and the American opinion in particular.

America fought its war against Afghanistan claiming that it is a war against terrorism without defining what terrorism is. And it is now trying to promote its new strategy without explaining the mechanism that could define what these threats are, and without explaining the basis that justify any preventive strikes or who defines them. In this respect, is it enough for the US to accuse a certain country that it constitutes a threat without providing any evidence to wage a war against it that might not be less violent than the war it waged against Afghanistan?

This new American strategy provides the clearest American green light for Israel to continue its brutal war that aims at killing the Palestinian security. It gives the Zionist Entity the excuse and the justification to intensify it war against the Palestinians using the same American excuse: confronting the Palestinian threat to what they call the Jewish State… If the same logic is used by other states, and they start waging preventive wars, a state of unprecedented chaos will be created in the whole world.
I am afraid that the American Administration will choose Iraq as the first country to try this new strategy and to access how its allies will react to it, especially that the American president, his vise-president and his defense secretary have been talking a lot lately about the Iraqi “threat” to the regional and international security. It has also been revealed that the American president had asked the CIA to intensify its efforts to get rid of Saddam’s regime…The excuse is already fabricated: Iraq is developing mass destruction weapons.