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The Fate of the Islamic Unity

The Best Answer to the Brutal Zionist Escalation is the heightening of the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and unleashing the anger of the Arab “street” against the American hegemony in the Region.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the dangers of the American support to Israel in its terrorist war against the Palestinians, the religious Authority H.E. Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah said:

 We have never thought, especially in the current political circumstances which the region and the world is passing through, that the US would change its supporting position to Israel, or take a more balanced approach towards the so-called “Arab-Israeli struggle”. But the aggression has reached its climax, and the position of the various American officials whether their president, their defense secretary, or the rest, have reached the extent of encouraging the Zionist government to further their terrorist operations, kill more Palestiniansو occupy Palestinian  cities, and carry out massacres against the citizens and the PA security forces.

He added: The American administration has given, more then a year ago, the “green light” to Sharon to kill the Palestinians and their aspirations towards independence.

It also provided him with the political power to carry on his barbaric invasion under the pretense of the “need for self-defense” according to the US president, who needs the Jewish vote to win the coming congressional elections, as well as trying to secure a second term for his presidency, depending on the fact that the American system does not hinder the failures and the naive from winning the presidential election.

It seems that the American Administration did not pay any attention to the positions of the Arab regimes. It also turned a deaf ear to the Arab and Islamic “street” demands. It is either that or it is sure that its interests in region will not be harmed, despite the rudeness and arrogance of its positions towards the Arab issues and the cause of Palestine in particular. Thus, it did not feel any embarrassment in pushing the Arabs to offer additional concessions, and then encourage Sharon not to pay any attention to these initiatives…

For this reason, we see in the latest American threats to Iran, Syria and Lebanon, a new attempt to stop this triangle from reacting with what is happening in Palestine, and fail any political or other movement that aim at responding to the Israeli massacres against the Palestinians…

The American Administration is trying to put a ceiling for any Arab or Islamic reaction to the Israeli atrocities that could constitute the basis of an Islamic Arab movement that may enable them to surpass the current state of impotence, confusion and fear.

The Sayyed concluded: The best answer to the American stances is the heightening of the Resistance operations in both Palestine and Lebanon especially in Shiba’ farms, as well as depending on the Arab masses to make use of all possible means to let America understand that the current battle in occupied Palestine will expand, and its reactions and consequences will reach the whole Islamic and Arab worlds.