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Calling on the Palestinian People not to be intimidated by the media campaign

Fadlullah: International reactions towards the Hebron operation constitute an unsuccessful attempt to distort the image of the Palestinian Jihad.

Asked in his weekly seminar about his reading of the international condemnation of the Hebron qualitative operation, the religious Authority H.E Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah stated:

 “What is significant about this very successful operation lies in that it runs opposite to the course the events in the region are taking. It also contradicts the plans of several international axes, especially the United States , that aim at spreading an atmosphere of defeatism in the Arab and Islamic worlds, to pave the way for its military invasion having already carried out its psychological invasion. One can see the impact of this psychological war on the regimes in the fact that they have already begun to prepare for the stage that follows the military invasion.

Thus, this operation, that targeted the Israeli soldiers and the armed settlers, was able to shake the world, since it contributed in thwarting the arrogant plots for the region. It also shook the Israeli military and political establishment: A small group of Mujahideen was able to defeat an entire Israeli elite regiment, and kill its commander, providing an impeccable example of the invincible Palestinian freedom fighter.

Thus, we believe that the international reactions are a clear response to previous Israeli demands, and an unsuccessful attempt to distort the image of the Palestinian Jihad that targets the occupation only. This is obvious from the adoption of certain states of the Zionist propaganda that claims that the attack targeted Jewish worshippers…

What could have helped such a trend is the incredible and unacceptable Arab silence not only in not defending this operation as it represents a natural reaction against occupation, but also against the Israeli continuous crimes which have lately focused on children, killing them brutally in the streets. The world too was watching silently without any mention of the children’s rights not even from the highest religious authorities.

We are aware that these international reactions are a part of the international war against the Palestinians that aims at ending their struggle against occupation, while promising them a meaningless state in 2005, so that it will force them to accept the enemy’s current dictates.

  Therefore, as we salute the Palestinian people for its resolve to continue the Intifada and perform different kinds of military operations that are really exhausting the enemy’s army and leadership, we call upon them not to be intimidated by the international campaigns against its Jihad operations. They represent the most purified and honorable method of struggle for any people that wish to end the occupation. We also call upon them to remain united and thwart all the attempts to create internal strife among them.