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American Violation of Internal Law

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Israelis threat to kill Palestinian leaders abroad might drive the Palestinians to retaliate in the same way.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question:  In view of all this American-Israeli violation of international law that is met with unprecedented silence, who protects this law?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Despite all the terms, the successive American Administrations have used to call those whom they considered as outlaws, the US itself has broken the record in violating both international law and human rights. Only Israel which by turned into an American cane in the region and the biggest threat to peace even with respect to the peoples of the EU is close to it.

Violating international law and finding ways to surpass it have become so frequent that the American administrations have given themselves the right to change any regime all in the name of democracy. The imperial mentality of the incumbent American Administration has given itself the right to undermine the world’s moral system calling the countries of Europe that refuse change “old Europe” while those in the Arab and Muslim world were treated as monsters who ought to be threatened at times and lured at others, to impose on them a kind of change that actually targets Islam itself and not the regimes that were installed by America in the first place.

America has turned the UN into a tool to pass its projects in the world the most prominent of which is to dominate the Arab and Muslim region and its vast resources. It has given the UN and its Secretary General the choice between passing its draft resolution, thus giving its wars the legitimacy it seeks or following its army to put a humanistic touch on its crimes.

The right of veto, which is rarely used by those who possess it, has turned into an effective American weapon to protect Israel and America aggression. America has thus been able to cancel any UN resolution for the most absurd and trivial reason, just as the American President did last week when he canceled UN resolution 194 that secures the Palestinians’ right of return.

As we welcome the European stands that reject these violations of international role especially that of the French President, we notice that they found it enough to condemn and did not turn their rejection into a positive political action… By doing this, they have chosen to give priority to their own interests with Americans over the fate of entire nation and probably the fate of humanity as a whole.

We are afraid that American which exempted its citizens, as well as those of Israel, from any prosecution, will give itself, along with Israel, the freedom to finish off international law and replace it with the law of American hegemony, in which NATO would be deployed as an enforcement tool in the entire world, just as Israel is used in the Middle East.

The latest Israeli talk about the right of its army to hunt any Hamas leader in any part of the world will lead to further violations of international law in the international and regional spheres. The Palestinians will feel that they have the right to do the same and the world will turn into a confrontation arena. The Palestinians have so far made every effort to keep the confrontation within the limits of Palestine, but as the American have provided an umbrella that protects all Israeli crimes, we are afraid that the mad chaos prevailing in the Middle East will extend to Europe, and even beyond.

This American disdain of international law, the legitimizing of all Israeli crimes in Palestine and the effort to legitimize the American occupation in Iraq leave the world without a legal umbrella, which impels the nations that are concerned to preserve what is left of the system of universal humanistic values to act quickly to calm down the American raging bull. In any case, this does not affect the right of nations in self-defense and self-determination especially in Iraq and Palestine.