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The recent attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco

Sayyed Fadlullah: these attacks are unlawful crimes

Concerning the recent attacks that killed scores of Arabs and Muslims, in addition to some westerners in Saudi Arabia and Morocco, especially that the Western media is trying to link them with the recent heroic operations in occupied Palestine, Sayyed Fadlullah was asked about how he views these attacks in view of the difficult times the region is witnessing.

The Sayyed answered: 

The mentality that governs those who are behind these attacks that had a negative impact is probably a blocked one of a limited scope. They were faced with a political impasse and an international arrogance that seized the region and sought to promote its interests as well as those of Israel.

They thought that the best way to break this impasse is by resorting to such acts of violence that could not have any legal justifications being a direct aggression on innocent civilians who happened to be in the neighborhood.

We believe that these operations are dangerous in at least two aspects: They represent, firstly, a continuity of an unsound logic that distorts the image of Islam and present it as a religion that encourages murder and does not mind an uncalled for blood shedding.

Secondly, such acts constitute an indirect call for the arrogance to go on with their wars against Muslim countries under the pretense of fighting terrorism, thus enabling them to dominate the resources of the region and stop looking at the American presence as an occupation force and perhaps even call upon them occupy new countries.

Despite the fact that America is the one that is mainly responsible for the spread of this phenomenon, nurturing it in the beginning and then practicing every kind of pressure against the Arabs and Muslims, as well as impoverishing the region to an unprecedented level, following all the direct and indirect looting that has been taking place, these attacks are not justified from the Islamic point of view. Moreover, they render a big service to the arrogant by giving them the excuse to claim that they are coming to plant the seeds of freedom and democracy in a region that has no values.

We have always emphasized that the real battlefront is Palestine, where martyr operations against the occupier gain their legitimacy, for the Israelis, there, have practiced virtually every crime and atrocity to kill the Palestinian security.

Palestine, thus is the place where martyr operations are acts of pride and honor. It is the compass that guides the lost to the proper place that they ought to sacrifice for.