Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of JomadaII 11 1423H 20/8/2002 A.D.


The American Administration wants to subjugate the Entire Islamic and Arabic region

The Nation should set out a comprehensive confrontation plan instead of waiting for the new American target.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the goals and dimensions of the American accusations to its allies in the region, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

It has become evident for all concerned that the US administration wants to dominate the entire Arab region and turn it into a satellite that does not object, or even express different views, especially in what concerns Palestine and Iraq.

This is perhaps what explains the latest American stances towards Egypt (threatening to freeze the aid) and the recent consecutive messages to Saudi Arabia, the last of which the compensations it was asked to pay to the victims of the 11th of September explosions, claiming that Saudi Arabia is responsible for all what its citizens do.

Thus, America has begun to tell all the countries of the region that they have to abide by the dictates of its policies in the Middle East. Therefore, the latest American threats could only be seen in the framework of the pressures that aim at making several regimes, including those that have been loyal to the US for decades, lose face.

We believe that the US is trying to make several Arab regimes understand that they no longer can have a say, even as a marginal advisory one, in the decisions it takes regarding the Middle East, for Washington is suggesting that the stick is the only remaining policy and that all parties have to agree without any objection.

Consequently, the Arab countries, especially those that were targeted by the last American campaign, have got to adopt a new policy based on protecting themselves and relying on their peoples.

They have to be honest and frank with their peoples, if they wish to resist the American pressures, especially that America, which feels after the Afghani war that nothing can stop her, has started to suggest that it is going to overthrow many a regime in the region.

As we believe that the spheres of opposition and confrontation in the region have not been completely irradiated, and that there are still certain states, especially Syria and Iran, that can act as an axis for the counter movement, we feel that the situation calls for an urgent political movement on all levels, especially the popular one, for it is no longer a matter of regimes; it targets the entire nation and its political freedom.

Instead of waiting to find out where America is going to strike next, we have to prepare a comprehensive plan of confrontation.