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warns of attempts to ripen the conditions for new plots in the region

Fadlullah: I warn of a series of assassinations that Israel may be planning  to destabilize Lebanon.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah was asked in his weekly seminar about his reading of the recent security events in Lebanon, and more specifically about if these events are a prelude to more dangerous ones, he replied:

We have to view what is going on in Lebanon, in relation with what is going on in the region in general, and in occupied Palestine in particular. The enemy there has failed in his attempt to end the Intifada despite all the aggressions against the Palestinian people and the pressures on the Palestinian Authority that are coupled with Arab and international pressures to characterize the Intifada as a kind of violence and terrorism.

Furthermore, the Lebanese government, people and Resistance rejection of the political and security conditions that Israel had demanded, since it was forced to withdraw and has tried lately to impose through intimidation and successive diplomatic messages, has led the enemy to choose new means of aggression. Through these new schemes, the enemy is trying to prove that it can change the battlefront to Lebanon, which continues to support the Intifada especially after it was surrounded by the international and Arab demands and pressures.

To understand what is happening in Lebanon, we have to follow up the American movement in the region as well as the most recent Israeli threats… We are afraid that there is a plan to benefit from the political, security, and even economic instability in Lebanon to ripen the conditions for the execution of a new plot in the region, or to exert pressures on several Arab and Islamic parties to force them to change their positions towards the Palestinian cause, or towards the America-Israeli project in general.

We call on the Lebanese to be aware of what has happened and of what is going to happen: The enemy is plotting for a series of assassinations that resemble what it did with the leaders of the Palestinian Intifada, to influence the Lebanese rejection movement that might induce other Arab and Muslim movements to oppose the American-Israeli dictates. In addition, the enemy aims at exploiting all these developments to incite internal strife in the country.

Although we know that the enemy does not have free access in Lebanon to execute its plots, and that the official security agencies have managed to dismantle many of its networks, we call on all Lebanese to play the role of political and security guards so as not to give the enemy an opportunity to reenter the Lebanese internal social and political structures. Moreover, we are in a stage that demands consolidation of our national unity to be ready for all the coming threats before it’s too late, and stop being preoccupied with these absurd internal feuds and mutual provocations that suggest that we underestimate how critical the situation really is.