Stands >2004 Stands >The Stand of Zu Elqi'da 9 1425H /December 21, 2004 A.D.

The Media War on Islam and the Arabs

Sayyed Fadlullah:We believe that Bush's America is not considering any serious plan for reform or liberties in the Arab and Islamic worlds. That is why, we ought to be aware of all the dangers and threats of the coming stage.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How do you view the talk about the need for reform and freedom in the Arab and Muslim Worlds and its relation with the talk about a solution for the Palestinian problem?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

Political and intellectual freedoms as well as the reform in the Arab and Muslim worlds do not constitute a priority for the current or previous Bush administrations.

The talk about them is but a passport for the American project that aims to dominate the region, usurp its resources and force Israelís will and its conditions regarding the "peaceful" settlement.

Thus, the studies prepared by American strategic research centers that call for supporting "moderate Muslims" against the "radicals" seek to incite internal strife. They actually aim at presenting a free service for the American Israeli project. And make the temple fall on all of us.

We are witnessing a new phase in the war against Islam that turns the Arab into pawns in the American grand plan of deceit.

Some might feel that America might act as a savior to their Arab or Muslim group to the detriment of the others. But they will all discover when it would be too late, that they have all been used as political tools to serve the American project in the region.

The new offensive on Islam has reached the extent that the research centers are trying to draw the Islamic future through an ideological project that takes into consideration the vital interests of the American Administration that wants to involve some Muslims in what it calls the war of "ideas" and "inducing a democratic changeĒ. But they ought to understand that the Administrationís goal is purely political, as we have seen how it has hindered since last October the publishing of the human development report, just because it discloses the dangers and the goals of the American invasion of Iraq as well as the practices of the Israeli occupation in occupied Palestine.

Therefore, we believe that Bush's America is not considering any serious plan for reform or liberties in the Arab and Islamic worlds. In addition to its use for these issues to promote its plan for domination, it is giving Israel a free hand to kill more Palestinians, while talking about a solution for the Palestinian problem. It is also making additional threats for Syria and Iran to ensure that they will not oppose the next phase of the American project in Palestine and Iraq.

Thus, the war against the Arab and Muslim media, especially the Manar TV station is but a prelude to the greater political offensive that is in the making and that includes additional pressures and possibly stronger military actions.

That is why we are concerned with what is going to happen on the Palestinian front now more than ever before, since the focus nowadays is on distorting the Palestinian political steadfastness to enable the establishment of an entity that has none of the basis of a state. They want the Palestinians to accept all of Sharon's conditions, which have already been approved by Bush, including forgetting about the withdrawal to 1967 borders, the right of return and the dismantling of the settlements. In short a full surrender.

Therefore, we, as a nation, ought to be aware of all the dangers and threats of the coming stage and know that we cannot counter or fail them if we do not adhere to our internal unity in which all the sectarian and partisan divisions give way for, since we are threatened in our very existence.