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Assuring that the Martyr operations have redrawn the political map of the region…

Sayyed Fadlullah: The state whose president signs an act declaring Jerusalem, “eternal capital of Israel” cannot sponsor peace.

 Asked in his weekly seminar on how he views the strong return of the Intifada, in such a regional climate, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said: “We have to know, right from the beginning, that the American talk about the efforts to establish a Palestinian state is a kind of political hypocrisy that has been going on since the “Oslo agreement” and all the ones that followed. During all this period the enemy, with the help and coordination of the Americans, has tried to gain time to be able to crush the Palestinian Intifada. In this respect the new American plan, “Road Map”, talks about a provisional Palestinian state to be agreed upon in 2004, but it does not talk about its nature or its borders. Moreover, it leaves the discussions of the issues of Jerusalem, the refugees and the borders to the year 2005.

This means that all what Washington wants is to convince the Arabs that they should help it, as well as Israel, in pressurizing the Palestinians to end their Intifada. The United States is trying to prepare the atmosphere in the region to be well suited with its offensive on the region. It does not want any Arab political harassment or any Palestinian military one…

We wonder: How could a country whose president has signed an act considering Jerusalem an eternal capital of Israel present itself as a sponsor for peace in the region and for the negotiations concerning Jerusalem and the refugees in particular?!

While America is getting ready to provide Israel with financial aid to save its economy, it is trying to end the political presence of the Palestinian and may be their human presence as well. All its movement in the region is based on deceiving the Arabs and the Palestinians, to facilitate Sharon’s plan of crushing the Intifada, or at least to lead them to believe that all their sacrifices in the last two years have been in vain and that they have to beg America to give them some of the Israeli leftovers.

Therefore, the strong return of the Intifada, whether through the last operation or the previous ones, means that the Palestinians are making a different political map of their own, that is different than the one America has drawn, the “Road Map” that America wants to define the deployment of its troops in the entire Arab region. Furthermore, what Israel was preparing for, to announce the death of the Intifada, has turned into an announcement of a new phase in the Palestinian struggle that is not intimidated by threats.

The Palestinian Intifada has drawn the line that separates between subjection and defiance to the attempts that aim to defeat the nation and humiliate it. Nevertheless, we still face a big problem that lies in the fact that although the nation admires the legendary steadfastness of the Palestinians, it does not provide them with the necessary help. If such help remains absent, and if the Intifada does not turn into a political movement in the Arab and Islamic worlds, the enemy will always feel that it is able to silence it.