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The Threat of Localism

Sayyed Fadlullah: we should hasten to act before all parasites of localism and sectarianism will return us to the times of pre-Islamic ignorance,

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How do we confront the problem of localism?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

One of the phenomena that has grown in our Islamic societies is the emergence of localism and its precedence over the national or Islamic issues. Such a development had led the Islamic movement in most cases to be more concerned with local issues at the expense of the issues that have to do with the welfare, strength and even the very existence of the nation.

Although this problem came to exist as a result of the pressures of the external forces on the Arab and Islamic societies and the consequent besiege of the international arrogance, we cannot but admit that these movements have fallen into the political and sectarian traps that were laid for them. As a result they have pursued to achieve local political gains at the expense of the general welfare of Islam, whether in its principles and rulings or in the actions and sayings of the Prophet(p.) , the Imams and the faithful believers who have stressed on the need of the cohesion of the Islamic nation, considering it as a single body. They also stressed that the general Islamic issues should take precedence over local ones.

The Prophet (p.) worked on unifying the Islamic society on the basis of making each section of this society feel that they are duty-bound to care about the affairs of the Muslims. Any neglect to these affairs will be equivalent to practically leaving the Islamic circle. This does not mean that the Muslims should relinquish their regional or national affiliations, but rather, that they should not allow these affiliations to control their thinking , when it comes to dealing with the major issues. Such a prospect even if it leads to partial successes will eventually harvest greet losses.

We notice nowadays unjustified preoccupations, on the part of most Islamic movements, with local issues at the expense of the affairs of the nation on the basis of giving this or that party or movement a position in the government or a seat in the parliament. This has been reflected on the general body of the nation which has been put on a critical cross roads between the international and especially American covets, and the sectarian strife whose initial indications, are beginning to appear. There is already much talk about the betrayal of this party or the loyalty of the party in fighting the occupation.

Talking about treason and treachery is in most cases the responsibility of those who have laid their discourse on sectarian grounds, and those who have educated the nation, one generation after the other, on sectarian affiliations, in such a way that they allowed the occupier to enter from the window, having been thrown out, through jihad, from the door.

Nevertheless, the issue of jihad had always to be supplemented on the ideological level with the emphasis on the need for unification , since it has always run into the wall of the superficiality of the parties concerned in understanding the religion , subjectivity and selfishness. We need in these critical times, extraordinary unification initiatives that could deduce realistic mechanisms to lead the nation out of the hellfire of enclosed sectarian.

The Islamic movements should be aware of the dangerousness of what is going on, and make every effort to reinvigorate Islam in their political affairs. This is the only way which will make them get out of the cave of sectarianism to the broad horizon of Islam and. This is true whether in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, or any other Islamic country .

The battlefront awaits us with all the challenges that America and Israel have imposed. We have to act on all levels so that we will arm our people with awareness and create a political and jihadi movement that has a clear and well defined purpose . If we do not hasten to act then all these parasites and hatreds will return us to the times of pre-Islamic ignorance, even if they claim to be talking in the name of religion and liberation.