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American Sponsorship of Indian Israeli Relations is a new scarecrow for the Arabs and Muslims

The Israeli Threat surpasses the Indian peninsula to reach the whole of the Islamic world.

The  religious authority H.E Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah was asked in his weekly seminar about the Indian Israeli cooperation and the strategic threat it poses on the Arab and Islamic worlds.

He answered : It is a well Known fact that the enemy’s entity has strived since the Americans started planning their retaliation in the aftermath of the 11th of September attacks to make use of the new American war to serve its own interests. The enemy tried to pose itself as a target, so as to be in the same front as those who are “fighting terrorism”.

It has been talking since September 11 about Islamic terrorism, and it called on the US to include Hamas, Jihad, and Hizballah in the list of terrorists, which America was glad to do once it was assured that the Arabs and Muslims are have sunk deeply in their incredible silence.

As of late the Israeli enemy has tried to mount the Indian wave that talks about fighting terrorism in its war against the Kashmir rebels, to classify Pakistan as a country that harbors terrorism…

Unfortunately this Israeli movement met with an Indian inclination to get closer to Israel, and to distance itself away from the Arab and Muslim causes. In a measure that constitutes a repudiation of its shining history of standing with the oppressed and the weakened in the world, especially the Palestinians whose struggle against the Israeli occupier is similar to the fight of Indian nation against the British occupation despite the differences that have to do with the specificity of each case.

But we do not want to condemn India for choosing to side with Israel and talking about a military and security coordination with the enemy, without holding the Arab and Muslim states responsible for paving the way for India.

The Organization of Islamic Conference is also responsible, for its conferences and meetings do not take any decisions beyond extending compliments and delivering speeches.

All this at a time, we believe that the Israeli involvement in the conflict of the Indian peninsula in the name of fighting terrorism” represents a strategic threat not only on the region, but on the Islamic world as a whole, as well as all the weakened.

We also have to view the Israeli arrogance from the American angle; It is US that encourages international terrorism by supporting Israeli terrorism and by sponsoring the Indian –Israeli relations to use this alliance as a scarecrow against Pakistan and the Arab and Muslim countries suggesting that the Pakistan nuclear force, that is considered an ”Islamic” one could be the target that India and Israel are aiming at.

As for Perez talks about making NATO a tool to face today’s threats instead of yesterday’s enemies, we refer it to Europe to ask the European states: Does the Israeli entity draw the European foreign policies?And do they prefer to deal with an occupying force instead of dealing with the whole Arab and Islamic nation? The French Ambassador in  the UK said that all what the world suffers from today is caused by Israel” this small dirty state”.

We know that Europe shares us our rejection to the enemy’s polices but when is the European Union  going to express its real opinion? And will the US ever let it?