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America’s new Middle East

Sayyed Fadlullah : We call on the Arab and Muslim people to take to the streets following the example of the Palestinians who have proved that with limited resources, they can through patience and dedication confront and obstruct the enemy’s plans.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question about: the neo-conservatives project for the region

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

The project the Americans are proposing represents the lever the Americans want to use to facilitate their second phase of invading the region. This American invasion has started with Afghanistan and wants, now that it has occupied Iraq, to expand to the other parts of the Arab and Islamic world, to ensure its hegemony over the entire region, confiscate its wealth and markets, and direct its political decisions in the way that serves both American and Israeli interests.

That is why the American Administration seeks in this stage in particular to marginalize the Palestinian question or to deal with some of its details in a way that turns them to major issues.

Bush’s America does not have any solution for the Palestine issue. It has a project to dominate the entire region that would enable it to dictate the Israeli demands on the Palestinians.

Towards this end, the Americans are practicing a lot of political hypocrisy towards the Palestinian issue in particular, that intersects with the Israeli hypocrisy and brutality.

On its part, Israel destroys the Palestinian infrastructure and the Palestinian Authority. Then the American Administration would accuse the Palestinian Authority of not doing enough to fight what it calls “terrorism” in the Palestinian resistance against occupation… thus killing any initiative for any solution even an interim one, and even if it was proposed by parties that are customary considered pro-American, like the Egyptians…

All parties should know that America, that holds democracy and human rights in one hand and the war against terror in the other hand, is the one responsible for enhancing radicalism in the region and supporting several backward and fanatic movements, and even financing them. And now it is proposing to treat this illness with a magical prescription called moderation, which means according to America, total submission to the details of its projects, which does not respect the values and rights of the peoples of the Islamic and Arab world as well as the Third World in general.

We warn against being involved in the American plan of inciting a sectarian strife between Shiites and Sunnis in the region, by benefiting of what is going on in Iraq, especially that some of those who claim to be confronting the American project are actually serving it by their sectarian practices. We would like all parties in Iraq to understand that America does not care about the interests of any Iraqi sect, and wishes to confiscate the interests of all them to promote its own interests and that of the Israelis.

Faced by these facts, and on the basis of our Islamic and juristic responsibility, we call upon the Arabs and Muslims not to remain silent and to confront these threats in a responsible and conscious manner. We call on the Arab and Muslim people to take to the streets ,following the example of the Palestinians who have proved that with limited resources, they can, through patience and dedication, confront and obstruct the enemy’s plans.

They are the living example of the meaning of Ashoura in which the blood defeated the sword, and the few were able in the end to be victorious.