Stands >2002 Stands >The Stand of Rajab 17, 1423H- September 24, 2002 A.D.

Warning from the consequences of relying on the Palestinian struggle only, Sayyed Fadlullah asserts that the Palestinian steadfastness constitutes an obstacle in the way of the American war on the region.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the recent events in Palestine and its impact on the region, The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah made the following statement:

In a previous statement I pointed out that we are witnessing a new experience in Palestine , that of the leading people. Now we see a renewed militant and popular movement that proves that this people is still capable of giving more, and that it still surprises the entire world with its heroic stands, at a time many have thought differently. Those have misread the realities on the ground, for they did not take into consideration the implications of this miraculous steadfastness and willingness to sacrifice.

The most wonderful thing about the latest Palestinian stand, represented by these popular demonstrations, that challenged the enemy’s tanks with their bare flesh, lies in the fact that it broke the Zionist terrorist ring.

Now, the ball is in Sharon ’s court, who used to say that he defeated the Intifada. He even went as far as saying that had the Intifada been treated harshly from the beginning it would have been stopped. However, the latest demonstrations and martyr operations have proved that the enemy has failed in breaking the will power and resolve of the Palestinians, just as many in the Arab world as well as the West have failed to decipher the “codes” of the Palestinian ability to hold fast.

We believe that what happened in Palestine has taken by surprise all those in the West who thought that the Palestinians have become exhausted, and that they can now move their war against our nation to another location. Thus, the American offensive against the region has experienced a setback, since Sharon war against the Palestinians is in some of its aspects a part of Bush’s war against the Arabs and Muslims.

We can not be absolutely positive that the American war against Iraq and the region has been stopped or canceled as a result of these events, but we believe that every round that the Palestinians win constitutes an obstacle in the way of this war.

Nevertheless, we do not want the nation to rely on the Palestinian struggle alone. The Palestinian people have paid such a heavy price that deserves the support of the Arab and Muslims streets. Besides, the latest events in Palestine open a window of opportunity to the Arab and Muslim people to wake up and prove that they are not as incompetent as the enemies think. It provides a chance to face the coming winds, that might be even more dangerous, not only on the Palestinians, but on the whole region as well.