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The continuous silence of the Arab and Muslim elites undermine the Nationís future

Asked in his weekly seminar about the state of the Arab and Muslim nation, especially if the American invasion to the region occurred, the Religions Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fudlullah said:

None of the observers doubts that there are long tern objectives to the American invasion. Moreover, these objectives go beyond the political and geographical borders of the region to reach the international level; they aim at preventing the emergence of another international pole. Thus, we can say that Unified Europe is the real long-tern target.

Nonetheless, it is the Arab and Muslim region that will pay the price right away, from its security economy, wealth and future. Hence it is obviously the party which will incur the biggest strategic loss.

And this is the greatest problem: The Arabs and Muslims whose economies were destroyed and whose political future experienced a major set back as a result of the first Gulf war and the invasion of Kuwait are oblivious now towards the major catastrophe they will fall in if the war takes place and they remain silent.

While the whole world whose peoples feel that they are going to pay certain economic prices demonstrates, we in the Arab and Muslim region which America impoverished two decades ago, and which will pay yet a heavier price if the war occurs, remain silent. The coming war might not only change some of the features of the region but its future as a whole, for it will be the most dangerous development since the birth of Israel.

On the other hand, knowing that the Iraqi regime could not be respected by any of the peoples of the region, being an American tool that paved the ground for executing its plots, will not prevent us from being aware that what is coming is the most dangerous earthquake that will hit the modern history of our peoples.

Consequently, to remain silent or even slow to react will encourage even more dangerous events that might have, as the enemy says, a heavy historic impact.

The Question about where the Arab and Muslims are in these historic moments is quite obvious, but we are not asking about the governments and regimes whose only concern, at least most of them, is to secure its continuity in the post-war period, but about the cultural and political elites, as well as the students and the youth. If these elites remain silent while the Palestinians are being slaughtered and the entire nation is about to fall prey to the most barbaric beast in history, they will have beg America to secure their future. Nevertheless ,they ought to know that America cares only about its own interests which surely do not intersect with those of the national elites.