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The Haifa Martyr Operation Thwarted Sharon’s Terror Campaigns

against the Palestinians, especially that it enjoys a full American cover, as well as its compete failure due to the steadfastness, that was also represented by the continuity of the Martyr operations, the Sayyed said:

 With every passing day it becomes clearer to those who follow Sharon’s war of extinction that this war aims at achieving certain American goals, in addition to the Israeli ones. It is also becoming more evident that the enemy’s massacres are part and parcel of the American plan, since the continuity of the Intifada with all its current zeal will hinder the American execution of its second phase of its war against “terrorism”.

On the other hand, the Palestinian people has been able, through his holding fast against the enemy’s brutal campaigns, of breaking the chain of events that was to move to other places in the Arab and Islamic worlds. Moreover, it has been also able to reproduce the Arab street in a newly found passionate union that the regimes has always tried to oppress, whether by emergency laws or other forms of direct suppression. Therefore, the Intifada, no matter how events might unfold, has  already altered many American plans.

The Sayyed added: The enemy wanted  to create a mood of despair and incompetence among the Palestinians similar to the one the Arab official circles live. But the incredible Palestinian steadfastness in Jenin, Nablis and other cities, underscored to the whole world the fact that enemy will not reach its goals and the Palestinian people has reached the point of no return in its strive for independence and liberation of its lands, albeit gradually…

This Palestinian steadfastness is a message to all the official Arab defeatists, as well as the American Administration, that conspired with Sharon and had known before hand about his new war and provided him with a complete cover to carry it out. It did not send the Secretary of State to pressurize him but to confer with him about the best means to benefit of his war in exerting additional pressures on the Arab and Islamic positions that might hinder the execution of the American and Israeli plans. That is why we saw that the American and Israeli threats against Syria and Iran have multiplied in the last weeks, and acquired new dimensions, that aim at stopping any support to the Palestinian people.

In coordination with the American Administration, the enemy has set out several aims, to its latest war. But the first of these goals will fall when the Palestinian people and their leadership will say a resounding “NO”, and when this ”no” will be translated into new operations that will keep the security of the enemy unstable. We are quiet sure that the Palestinians are able to do so, and the last martyr operation in Haifa is but a step on this road.

It proves the failure of Sharon’s terror campaign, both politically and security-wise. It will let Sharon and Bush know that not all what they have drawn, and approved by certain Arab circles, will find its way into practice, for what the Palestinian are writing with their blood will erase what they have written with ink, despite the fact that they trying to force them through terror.