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The Fate of Islamic Unity

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Muslims should make all efforts to formulate their internal unity before it is too late, especially that many Western officials have made it clear that the offensive seeks to confront Islam.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question:The Islamic Nation celebrates the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger, in a state of sectarian and political divisions, as well as external threats of an ethnic or racial war.
 How could the Muslims benefit from this anniversary in enhancing their unity in this difficult stage of their history?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

Islam provided two fences that would ensure the safety of the nation's unity. The first is represented by the nation's relationship with Allah, since believing in His oneness is reflected directly on the oneness of the Muslim's position. The second fence is also an attribute of the oneness of Allah that requires a commitment in all sayings and actions to ensure the stability and coherence of the nation, to confront all its enemies and their plots.

That is why the Prophet was always careful not to allow any division among the Muslims, since they had to abide by the Quranic call to hold to Allah's rope as a means of protecting their power.

Furthermore, they had to act as the Prophet said: like the human body, which if any of its organ falls sick the rest of the organs will look after him.

Moreover, and despite their sectarian divisions, the Muslims form a unified nation, whether in their beliefs, jurisprudence, or their common fate. And despite all the differences between the Sunnis and the Shiites, we cannot find anyone nearer to the Shiites than the Sunnis and vice-versa. We might even find an agreement between some of the Shiites and Sunnis such as which we might not find inside the same sect.

The nation needs, especially in these days, a jurisprudence unifying movement embarked on by knowledgeable and politically vigilant religious scholars, that produces the Islamic concepts of unity and to guide the nation into true unity that stays away from all the lip service that is said an official occasion, while our nation plagued with hatred and while we witness the catastrophic aggressions by those whose only aim is to tear up the nation to the benefit of occupation (like what is happening in Iraq and Pakistan…).

Meanwhile, the Western and American research center continues to produce studies as to how to disperse us and distorts our unity on the basis of the rule: "To rule them you have to divide them", or by trying to revive the sectarian and racial differences that would explode the region and relief Israel.

We hear nowadays calls by European officials that echo the Americans in calling for a dialogue with the moderate Islamic groups, since the democratic change in the Middle East can not be established except through conducting such a dialogue… But we know that they do not found their call on the basis of respect to these groups or to Islam in general.

They only wish to penetrate our Islamic front politically and economically and even in security.

The West is not serious on its calls for dialogue with the Islamic World.

We have to be aware of their motives and refuse to conduct a dialogue as separate sects and groups, and insist that we should hold the dialogue as a unified group that rejects all kinds of deceit and forgery.

Most Western Administrations are lying when they say that they support democratization in the region. They do not want any change that leads to liberation but rather to alienation and Americanization.

Thus, the nation should be aware of the offensive being waged on it.

Many Western officials have made it clear that it seeks to confront Islam. The Muslims should make all efforts to formulate their internal unity before it is too late.