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A new phase in the war against “terrorism” in the region

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Iraqis will thwart all plots to create small sectarian wars in Iraq

In his answer to the following question that was asked in his weekly seminar : Several observers are talking about a new phase in the American pressures exerted in the region especially towards the issues of Iraq and Palestine. What, in your view, are the American planning for at this stage?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

The American Administration is still using the pretense of fighting terrorism to silence all apposition fronts in the whole world and in the Arab -Islamic region in particular.

All Islamic movements whether those that believe in violence or those who struggle politically are targeted which means that the strategic target is Islam, the denial, of the American president notwithstanding.

The Islamic region is also a target for it is a strategic region whether with respect to its natural resources, vast markets or strategic location. America now wants to enter the region directly and not through its agents.

Therefore, we have to monitor the American-Israeli coordination to include the war against the Palestinians in the general war against the so-called terrorism.

There are renewed plans to exert pressures on the Palestinians, whose incredible steadfastness, has failed the previous attempts, for the Americans believe that Palestine is the region’s outlet to resistance and to the confrontation of the American-Israeli policies.

Thus, Palestine is the renewed target in the American -Israeli project that aims not only at driving the Palestinians to surrender but also to provide an on the ground continuity to the war on terrorism.

On the Iraqi front, we find that the Americans are increasingly concerned as a result of their failure to run Iraq, for they have sunk in the Iraqi quicksand that might be influenced by the storms coming from other parts of the region, and even from the international powers which does not want to see the American occupation settle down in Iraq. As a result, the Americans have started to spread economic, political and security chaos in Iraq to turn the US failure into a collective failure especially that it still refuses to let the UN play its role in Iraq.

We are afraid that the American Administration has begun, through its agents, to open the way for sporadic small sectarian wars here and there in order to turn the Iraqi impasse into a comprehensive one, threatening to destroy the temple on the heads of all parties, or creating further excuses for its occupying presence in the country. All tragic Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen should be aware of this plot and kill the new conspiracy right from square one, before it spreads and ends not only the Iraqi question, but the Arab and the Islamic cause as well.

We believe that the Iraqis are quite capable of thwarting this plot just as they are capable of running their own affairs.