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The Enemy's conditional acceptance of the Road Map.

Sayyed Fadlullah: Israel’s acceptance of the Road Map is a maneuver that will not deceive the Palestinians

Asked in his weekly seminar about whether the enemy's acceptance of the "Road Map" means that the Zionists have began to seriously consider a Palestinian state having failed to end the Intifada,

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

The clearest explanation of the enemy's "acceptance” of the “ is the one provided by the enemy's war minister:

"We did not endorse the Road Map but we agreed on a general understanding with U.S”. He further explained that this vote does not constitute an “endorsement to any legally binding document but a general declaration of intentions" indicating the American Administration’s dire need for creating an atmosphere of political dialogue, which ,albeit fruitless, will suggest that the it is serious in furthering the settlement in the region.

Thus the Israeli reserved and conditional acceptance, with its emphasis on certain reservations especially the one that deals with the Palestinian refugees and refuses their right of return, is a part of the American- Israeli ploy that have not achieved all its goals yet.

This ploy is based on two main foundations: Talking about peace and "painful" concessions on the one hand, and killing and dislocating more Palestinians as well as destroying their infrastructure to facilitate his settling-security project without any international pressures thanks, to the American coverage that is always ready to blame the Palestinians just as what had happened in all previous agreements.

While we believe that the enemy has failed in twisting the arm of the Intifada, and began to be exhausted by its continuous operations that had a draining impact on its economy and security, we are quite suspicions of the international and regional movement that accompanies the American- Israeli recent diplomatic actions as it seems to be an effort to advance the settlement while in reality it aims at undermining the Palestinian struggle which has been mounting since the beginning of the second Intifada.

Therefore, we would like the Palestinians to be cautious as they try to thwart this new scheme. They have to play different and concerted roles that they will divide among them, and they have to uphold their national unity to safeguard their national unity to hold on to what they have so far achieved, especially since it cost them huge sacrifices, that resulted in acknowledging their struggle as one of a wronged people. Since Preserving national unity is an essential element in confronting the new international, regional and perhaps Arab conspiracy.